The Ringling College Administration team is a devoted group, all working to ensure the best environment possible for our students.

    Administrative Staff

    Dr. Larry R. Thompson

    Mr. Jeffrey C. Bellantoni
    Vice President for Academic Affairs

    Ms. Christine DeGeorge
    Vice President for Human and Organizational Development

    Mr. Michael Moore
    Vice President for Advancement

    Ms. Tracy A. Wagner
    Vice President for Finance and Administration

    Dr. Tammy S. Walsh
    Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students

    Mr. James H. Dean
    Dean of Admissions

    Ms. Cynthia L. Gravino
    Associate Vice President for Collaborative Enterprises

    Mr. David H. Jackson
    Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty

    Ms. Stacey Corley
    Assistant Vice President for Strategic Philanthropy

    Dr. Patrick Mizak
    Assistant Vice President for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

    Mr. Jeffrey A. Poleshek
    Assistant Vice President and Director of Facilities Operations

    Ms. Lori Sims
    Assistant Vice President of Constituent Engagement

    Ms. Monica Waid
    Assistant Vice President for Finance and Administration/Controller

    Ms. Laura Avery '83
    Interim Director of Galleries and Exhibitions

    Ms. Kelly J. Beachler
    Director of Assessment

    Ms. K.C. Bitterman
    Director of Englewood Art Center

    Ms. Susan Borozan
    Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving

    Ms. Jennifer Mumford Brady
    Director of Ringling College Design Center

    Ms. Jane Buckman
    Director of Longboat Key Center for the Arts

    Ms. Virginia DeMers
    Director of Academic Resource Center

    Mr. Michael Eastman
    Senior Development Officer

    Mr. Lee Harrell
    Director of Financial Aid

    Mr. Charles Kovacs
    Director of Career Services

    Ms. Ann Lacertosa
    Director of Student Accounts/Bursar

    Mr. Peter Lefferts
    Senior Development Officer

    Ms. Rachel Levey-Baker
    Director of Student Volunteerism and Service Learning

    Ms. Karissa Miller
    Director of Academic Computing

    Dr. Brian Mistler
    Associate Dean of Student Life/Director of Student Health Services

    Ms. Lisa Moody
    Director of ART Network

    Mr. Mark Ormond
    Curator of Exhibitions, Ringling College Galleries

    Mr. Chris Osborne
    Development Officer

    Ms. Kris Pegah
    Director of Administrative Computing

    Dr. Mahmoud Pegah
    Director of Institutional Technology

    Ms. Amy Pettengill
    Director of International Student Affairs

    Mr. Carl Powell
    Director of Environmental Health and Safety 

    Mr. Gregg Prigerson
    Director of Admissions

    Mr. Justin Selph

    Mr. Richard Tubbs
    Director of Public Safety

    Mr. Al Zavar
    Interim Director/Library Administrator

    Ms. Amy Fischer
    Associate Dean of Admissions

    Mr. Jekeyma Robinson
    Associate Dean of Students for Student Development

    Mr. Christopher Shaffer
    Associate Dean of Students for Residence Life

    Ms. Nancy O'Neil
    madeby Manager

    Mr. Matt Andrzejewski-Wilson
    Associate Director of Career Services

    Ms. Holly Antoszewski '98
    Associate Director of Ringling College Design Center

    Ms. Laura J. Bopp, SPHR
    Associate Director of Human Resources

    Ms. Cynthia Flanagan
    Associate Director of Career Services

    Ms. Sarah Gravina
    Associate Director of Constituent Events and Hospitality

    Mr. James C. Grove
    Associate Director of Human Resources

    Ms. Nancy Long
    Associate Director of Counseling Services

    Dr. Kenneth Mroz
    Associate Director of Counseling Services

    Ms. Stacy Quaid
    Associate Director of Fundraising Events

    Ms. Nancy Zlatkin
    Associate Director of Counseling

    Ms. Diane Zorn
    Associate Director of Operations for Continuing Studies and Special Programs

    Ms. Krista Nemeth
    Senior Assistant Director of Admissions

    Mr. Randall Alberts
    Assistant Director for Project Management

    Ms. Ruth Chavez
    Assistant Director of Financial Aid for Operations

    Mr. Robert Graham
    Assistant Director of Public Safety/Technology Specialist

    Mr. Dan Greene
    Assistant Director of Facilities Operations

    Mr. Tim Jaeger '02
    Interim Assistant Director of Galleries and Exhibitions

    Ms. Alejandra Lance-Calderon
    Assistant Director of Career Services

    Ms. Barbara LeBras
    Assistant Registrar/Senior Advisor

    Mr. Mike Rossi
    Assistant Director of Admissions

    Ms. Ashley Schreiner
    Assistant Director of Financial Aid