The Ringling College Board of Trustees acts as the guiding body for the College. Their leadership ensures a continuously improving institution of higher education.

    Board of Trustees


    Mr. Charles R. Smith, Chair

    Ms. Cheryl Loeffler, Vice Chair

    Ms. Wendy G. Surkis, Secretary

    Mr. Dean Eisner, Treasurer

    Mr. Robert A. Kimbrough, Assistant Secretary

    Mr. William T. Kirtley, Assistant Secretary

    Dr. Larry R. Thompson, President


    Dr. Valliere Richard Auzenne

    Mr. Robert O. Barkley, Jr.

    Dr. Richard Basch

    Mrs. Pauline Becker

    Ms. Dianne Belk

    Mr. Louis Cabot

    Ms. Carol Camiener

    Ms. Linda Dickinson

    Ms. Ann Donelly

    Mr. James Ericson

    Mr. Herman Frankel

    Mr. Jack Harrison

    Mr. William Isaac

    Dr. Edward Jennings

    Mr. Robert Johnson

    Ms. Elaine Keating

    Ms. Isabel Norton

    Ms. Jean M. Martin

    Mr. George Miles

    Mr. Brandon Oldenburg '95

    Ms. Susan Palmer

    Ms. Diane Roskamp

    Ms. Jan Schmidt

    Mr. Steven Stein

    Ms. Lois Stulberg

    Mr. Peter Weill

    Dr. Stanley Williams


    Ms. Kristine Nickel, President, Ringling College Library Association


    Honorary Life Trustees

    Mr. Arthur Ferguson

    Dr. Alfred Goldstein

    Ms. Carolyn Johnson

    Dr. Diana Lager

    Ms. Elizabeth Lindsay

    MajGen Lawrence Maciariello [USAF Ret.]

    Mr. George Pierson '65

    Mr. William H. Pritchard

    Mr. Ernest F. Smith