What is a portfolio?
    A portfolio is simply a collection of the best examples of a student's artwork. The artwork might be traditional, digital or a combination of both.

    Why is a portfolio required for admission to an art college?
    At an art college, the majority of courses will be studio art courses. A portfolio is our best indication of potential to be successful in those courses. It also lets us get to know each student as an artist in a way that goes far beyond grades and test scores. There is no standardized test or curriculum that can accurately predict success at an art college. In order to effectively evaluate success, top art colleges rely heavily on the portfolio and the potential it demonstrates.

    How do colleges evaluate portfolios?
    In many cases, it's the most important part of the application. Many colleges look for potential. We take into consideration how much art instruction the student has had, and we understand that high
    school art programs vary greatly. Some have been cut drastically. We also look at the artwork as
    one part (an important part, but one part) of the total application—grades, difficulty of courses taken, recommendations and essay are also important. If the student is a high-achiever, chances are he/she will make a great artist or designer someday. No two applications are alike, so we look at all of them individually. Individuality is expressed in the portfolio through concepts, ideas and execution. Successful artists need to be creative thinkers. We value their creativity as much, if not more, than their technical skills. We also understand that high school students are still developing as artists. Finding the perfect fit is essential.

    We firmly believe there is a perfect school for everyone.