These pages contain detailed information about how to prepare a portfolio for admission to an art college. Click on one of the links above for specific advice for students, teachers and counselors, or parents.

"What should be in a portfolio?"

Every day, admissions officers at art colleges answer that question for potential students, their parents, art teachers, and guidance counselors. On this site, you will find help in selecting, presenting and submitting work; as well as information about how portfolios are evaluated, how to get feedback, how to prepare for art college, and much more.

Here at Ringling College of Art and Design, portfolio requirements can vary slightly depending on your chosen major. For example, if there's a heavy drawing component in the curriculum, we ask you to submit drawing in your portfolio. For majors without as much drawing involved, the submission of drawing in your portfolio is always welcome but not required. Click on your chosen major for more specific information.

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