Curious just how significant of an impact a degree from the Ringling College of Art and Design can have on your future? 

Here's what recruiters from some of the world's top art and design companies are saying:

We've had a long history of hiring graduates from Ringling who have consistently been quick to ramp up and to continue to grow as professional artists within the EA environment.

Ringling students come to us with a strong foundation in the arts along with an intensive focus in their major disciplines. This type of preparation prepares the student for immediate transition into the industry and prepares them for the long term as growing artists who are flexible to address the changes inherent in our industry.

When we see the Ringling degree attached to a candidate, we immediately take notice. This intuitive response is based on a long history of hiring successful grads and interns from Ringling.

Jack Lew

Global University Relations Manager

Electronic Arts

Creating strong relationships with schools is of utmost importance for Pixar Animation Studios in order to identify talented future employees. We very much appreciate and welcome our ongoing relationship with Ringling College faculty, students and the Career Services Center.

Dawn Haagstad

Sr. Recruiter/University Relations Lead

Pixar Animation Studios

Ringling College graduates have a proven track record with DreamWorks. We’ve had an ongoing relationship with Ringling’s Computer Animation department since it was first created. Its curriculum was designed with a focus on our industry. We know the students who come to us from Ringling are ready to go to work. That makes them very valuable, indeed.

Marilyn Friedman

Head of Outreach and Special Projects

DreamWorks Animation SKG

Hallmark looks to Ringling College students not only because of their creativity, craft, and technological skill, but also because they are taught to understand consumers, clients, human emotion, and social awareness. We have experienced a high level of success hiring illustrators and graphic and interactive designers from Ringling, and we have an increasing interest in Ringling's animators, interior designers, and photographers.

Donna Turk


The Recruiting Studio for Creative Talent at Hallmark

We rarely hire someone straight out of school for this type of position. The quality of your program, and the students coming out, is great.

Barry Weiss

Senior Vice President for Animation Production

Sony Pictures Imageworks

What’s fantastic about Ringling is the comfortable balance it has found in two areas. There’s both tremendous artistic expression and real disciplined training. The College has had an amazing reputation for the last 12 or 14 years.

Jeffrey Katzenberg


DreamWorks Animation SKG

Electronic Arts' ability to make some of the best videogames in the world relies entirely on our ability to recruit a talented and skillful workforce that is passionate about videogames. As a company that has hired dozens of Ringling graduates, we are extremely impressed with the students from the College.

Steven Chiang

Vice President & General Manager

Electronic Arts, Tiburon