Broadcast designers are involved in all aspects of electronic design for the broadcast, commercial and multimedia industries.

Our multimedia world is hungry for content. Today’s broadcast designers are involved in all aspects of electronic design for the broadcast, broadband, commercial and multimedia world. Ringling students learn how to design and animate effective time-based communications for a variety of delivery mediums such as television, the web, and mobile devices. Students use 2D, 3D, and experimental animation to create compelling and innovative visuals for broadcast design, commercials, short-form video, corporate presentations, and multimedia projects. They utilize netcast, podcast and hyperdistribute media using iTunes, BitTorrent and the web. Seniors will create TV broadcasts and corporate presentations that demonstrate their skills in the major areas of broadcast design, including promotions, show programming and commercial.


2D Animator

3D Animator

Art Director

Broadcast Designer

Creative Director

Digital Compositer

Graphics Editor

Motion Graphics Designer

Pre-Visualization Designer

Special Effects Designer


Storyboard Artist

Commercial Producer

Broadcast Designer/Post-production

Multimedia Designer

3D Modeler

Retail Media Designer

Corporate Communications Designer

Interactive Media Designer

Mobile Designer

On-Air Art Director

Broadcast Graphics Technician

Creative Services Coordinator

Design Director/Broadcast

Graphic Artist

Graphic Coordinator/Broadcast

Production Artist

Concept Artist

Production Coordinator

Production Editor

Audiovisual Production Specialist

Production Support Specialist

E-card Animator/Designer

Animatic Artist

Scoreboard/Display Animator