At the Academic Resource Center our mission is to support Ringling College students throughout their time as undergraduates, in whatever field or art and design they have chosen. We focus in particular on the reading and writing side of the art college curriculum. Our peer writing consultants conduct their conferences with student writers in our comfortable meeting room. Students come to our reading and study specialist for help with challenging texts, note taking in class and in books (yes, we mark our books--a LOT) and, especially, for help remembering material for art history and other major exams. She also coaches students on the principles and implementation of time management. 

Students with any kind of disability come to the ARC director to arrange for any accommodations they need in classes or in any campus activity. The ARC becomes their first stop on the path to equal access to a Ringling College education. 

As needed, we work with departments and programs to help students with other subject areas.

Here's a list of the services we provide and the best ways to find out more about them: 

Writing Support: Student writing consultants and professional instructors are available to discuss your writing projects. 

Study Skills Development: test preparation, memory tricks, learning styles evaluation, reading strategies, subject matter tutorials. Paula Jawitz is our expert in this area.  

Disabilities Support and Accommodations: Students with documented disabilities should meet with Virginia DeMers early in each semester. 

Help with English as a Second Language: vocabulary development, correct grammar, conversational practice, reading comprehension 

Time & Project Planning / Management: Set up a weekly work and study plan, track important deadlines, make sure you have time to sleep, eat--and play! In other words, make the best possible use of the 168 hours each week that are the only allotment we get! Set up an appointment with Paula Jawitz to get started on this essential college survival skill and habit. 

Tech Tutoring: An upperclass student who's adept with most of the major software used for art and design on campus can help you over some difficulties if you're having trouble. And don't forget to check out the Lynda Tutorials, linked from the Kimbrough Library web pages. Email for more information. 


Academic Resource Center Hours 
9:00a - 4:30p Monday-Friday

All services are available during this time--some require appointments. Students seeking disabilities accommodations and questions should come during these regular office hours.

Writing Center Hours

4:00 - 11:00 p Monday - Thursday 

5:00p - 10:00p Sunday 

Subject Tutorials
by appointment only, call or e-mail:

Studio Area Tutorials

Check with the instructor or department. Or email


Academic Resource Center:

Learning Support and Disabilities Services

Rm 227, Ulla Searing Student Center |  (941) 359-7627