Transitions Workshop for Learning Support and Disabilities Services

Wednesday 13 August 2014 from 1 to 5 p.m. in the Selby Lecture Hall on Ringling College campus. 

This special Orientation session will help students--especially students with disabilities--and their families prepare for the challenges and changes they may encounter as they enter higher education. Come join us in the cool classroom after a hot morning moving into your dorm and learn about

o   How college services might be different from high school

o   The accommodation process at Ringling College: 

§  Who requests services? 

§  Who arranges, delivers, oversees services?

§  Whom should you contact if . . . ? 

§  What should you tell teachers? 

§  When should you request services?

§  What documentation do you need?  

o   Other Ringling College support services from counseling and health to academic advising, help with writing, help with reading and help with time management. 

o    Survival skills every college student needs (but may really have--yet)

o   Communicating with your instructors and others in important positions 

PLUS we'll answer questions and just get acquainted (of course there will be cool drinks and snacks as well). We hope to see you there. 

CONGRATULATIONS to NEW Writing Consultants!

Four wonderful new members of the ARC's Writing Center staff have just completed seven training classes. They have shadowed current staff members in their work helping student writers and are ready to read and make suggestions on their own. Next August, Sasha Kim,Tristan Martin (aka Matthew),  Jessica Parker and Alan Yang will join five returning consultants. Together they are a diverse group of excellent writers and lots to offer as readers and "second looks" for students writing essays, cover letters, artists' statements, ad copy, screenplays, design briefs, stories, poetry . . . So teachers and students take note: we're on the team to assure that any printed or online letter-text produced by Ringling College students communicates smoothly--and without errors--to its audience. The staff will be gone for the summer but will return in August ready for students to share their work and become better writers. 


After 3 wonderful years, we say goodbye to two wonderful writing consultants. Edyta Jaworek, Ad Design and Ariel Silverstein, Illustration, will cross the stage at the Manatee Convention Center and enter the next phase of their learning and working lives. Whether it's a great job in visual development, grad school or something else we can't quite foresee, we know they will make Ringling College proud--as we all are already. It has been a true pleasure to work with these young women and we wish them all the good fortune they deserve. We will miss them. A lot. 

Thanks, Ariel and Edyta, for your wonderful work as Writing Consultants at Ringling's ARC. 


Academic Resource Center:

Learning Support and Disabilities Services

Rm 227, Ulla Searing Student Center |  (941) 359-7627