College Transitions

New Students: Getting Accommodations at Ringling College

If you are a newcomer to Ringilng--either student or parent--and you have concerns about any aspect of the learning process at Ringling College, You can start making contacts now. 

Your academic advisor can answer questions about the courses you'll take and transfer credit. The folks at the Health Center can help connect you to local physicians and explain how their services can help you get and stay healthy.  And the ARC can tell your more about the services we offer to ALL Ringling College students. If you're here at the web site, you may already know about some of those. 

And the ARC is the only place to register your disability and find out how the accommodations process works in college.If you have had accommodations for a disability in high school or before or if you have a newly diagnosed illness or condition that may require some adjustments, please contact Virginia DeMers now to inform her of your needs and find out what you need to do next. 

ARC Director, Virginia DeMers, arranges accommodations. She will be on campus most of the summer to answer questions, receive documents and begin determining the right supports for every student who needs them.Students who contact Virginia will receive information by mail that explains the accommodations process. 

Students and families should also consider attending the ARC's annual Transition Workshop for Students with Disabilities on Wednesday, 12 August from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. Not only will you meet the ARC staff and learn more about disabilities in the college environment; you'll also get to meet academic advisors, members of the Peterson Counseling Center staff and others who can help you figure things out in this exciting new part of your life. 

Watch this space for more information about the program and agenda for that afternoon's activities. 

We can't wait to  meet everyone! Until then, be safe, have fun and keep drawing, designing and dreaming!


Give us feedback: Potential New Technology for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and other Students 

From time to time, ARC staff explores possible technologies to help Ringling students. UbiDuo is an interesting system for offices to use when communicating with people with speaking or hearing disabilities. 

Such technology can never fully replace ASL interpreters--not in the classroom or in other situations where more people are involved or where typing would detract from discussion. But for one-on-one meetings, especially when there wasn't time to plan ahead, we think it could be a good addition to the mix of accessibility options. 

Ubiduo at Fresno State 

Watch the video and send us your feedback at 

Evaluations of Services

If you received disabilities services from the ARC, please watch for an evaluation form in your email (sent the week of 4/17) or in your campus mailbox. Those receiving notes will also receive a separate evaluation for those services. 

Your responses will help us know what's working--and what isn't. 

We know some students are registered but do not request any accommodations. That's fine. We'd still like to hear from you. 

Thanks in advance for taking the time. We know you're busy (helping with that is part of our job), but these few minutes could make a difference. 

Thanks again. 

Virginia and Paula