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Welcome Faculty Member

The ARC partners with the entire Ringling College community to ensure optimal development of academic skills and complete access to Ringling programs--academic and co-curricular for every Ringling College student. 

ANY Ringling student can make an appointment to work on writing, reading and study or time management. Student and professional writing consultants (tutors) help with written compositions of all kinds. A reading and study skills specialist helps students maximize comprehension and study for tests. Professional staff also work with students on time management

A  student tutor is available to supplement classroom instruction in the basics of most of the software used creatively on campus. And our most recent addition--a perspective tutor for first year media students--began work four hours per week in fall 2011. 

The ARC director is responsible for all ADA and Section 504 disabilities accommodations, and many of those accommodations are provided through the ARC's facilities and staff. 

We can't do any of that without your help. Your encouragement and referrals--even, in some cases, your requirement that students come, gets them to our doors. Part of the college experience should be discovering when, where and how to seeks help when you need it. ARC support allows students to take full advantage of the wonderful instructional environment that surrounds them. We hope you will urge your students to take advantage of our services when it's appropriate. One simple way to accomplish that is to offer a point or two of "extra" credit to students who consult the ARC. We'll be glad to discuss other ways to promote use of the ARC.

We invite you to communicate with us. Keep us informed about what you are assigning (especially if it includes reading, writing and / or test-taking) and how we may be able to help. Let us know if students ask you to make adjustments because of a disability we have not verified. Have a reading specialist or writing consultant visit your class and explain the value of the services the provide--as well as how easily those services are available. 

On your syllabus you MUST include the statement about disabilities servicesA copy of that statement can be downloaded below. A referral form for the ARC and the library instructional services is posted in several places on this site. Students who come for writing consultation will receive "receipts" that detail the aspects of composition discussed in the session. Should you ever feel that a consultation missed key aspects of your assignment or failed to address serious errors, please let us know right away. 



 Faculty Guide to Serving Students with Disabilities 

A comprehensive review of all aspects of disabilities services at Ringling College of Art + Design, including Ringling College policies and procedures, pertinent federal statutes as they apply to college and suggestions for helping students with various kinds of disabilities learn as much as possible in your classes. 

Testing Policy

If you give tests in your class, this guide tells you how the ARC will work with you to ensure that all students with disabilities that affect test-taking receive the appropriate testing accommodations. It also explains the ARC's role in make-up testing--including the limits of our availability. 


Disabilities Syllabus 

This statement, also available in the Faculty Guide and on the Syllabus Template, MUST appear in all Ringling College of Art + Design Syllabi 


Referral Form 

Use this form to recommend or require individual students to seek any kind of learning support at the Academic Resource Center or the Library. 

Autism and Asperger's Site and Video

In the last few years, numbers of students with conditions on the autism spectrum have increased on college campuses, including Ringling College. Such students present different kinds of disabilities challenges both in and out of the classroom. Teachers and staff need to understand the strengths and weaknesses that characterize the diagnoses. This link takes you to a web site with information and a short film about college students with autism or Asperger's syndrome and their challenges--and triumphs--in the college setting.