Midterm Warnings

All students receive a grade of A through F at midterms. Students receiving a grade of a C- or lower are advised to meet with the instructor and their academic advisor to discuss ways in which they can improve their performance.  Mid-term grades are available on Self Service.

Mid-Semester Progress Grades

Ringling College helps students monitor their academic standing by providing a mid-semester progress grade of A through F in the seventh week of each semester. If a student receives an unsatisfactory grade, they should talk with their instructor to see how they can improve their performance. They should also talk with their Academic Advisor as soon as they receive the grade. A mid-semester grade of “W” indicates either a student has withdrawn from or has ceased to attend a class and, therefore, has been withdrawn by administrative decision.

Academic Forgiveness Policy

Up to 12 semester hours (4 courses) in which a student earned less than a “C-” may be repeated, provided the B.F.A. or B.A. has not yet been awarded. The student’s grade point average will be adjusted to include only the last attempt of the course at Ringling College. Only 1 failure in the same course will be calculated in the cumulative grade point average. All attempts will remain on the student’s permanent academic transcript.

Grading System

Course grades are issued to students at the end of each semester and are available for student viewing on Self-Service after all grades have been posted and the Academic Standards Committee has met. Errors or problems arising out of an assigned grade should be reported to the instructor or the Registrar within 10 working days after the semester ends.  Approved changes in grades must be made within 30 days of the first month of the following semester. 

Grade point averages (G.P.A.s) are based on a 4-point scale. Letter grades are assigned the following approximate numerical equivalents. To figure the G.P.A., multiply the number of credit hours each course carries by the numerical equivalent of the letter grade, add those results and divide by the total number of hours attempted. The result will be the G.P.A.. Grades for transfer credit are not included in the computation of the student’s G.P.A.. 

Grade                                      Numerical                    %Scores


A (Superior Performance)          4.00                             94-100             

A-                                            3.67                             91-93

B+                                           3.33                             88-90

B (Above Average)                    3.00                             84-87

B-                                            2.67                             81-83

C+                                           2.33                             78-80

C (Average Performance)           2.00                             74-77

C-                                            1.67                             71-73

D+                                           1.33                             68-70

D (Below Average)                    1.00                             64-67

D- (Lowest Passing Grade)         0.67                             61-63

F (Failing)                                0.00                               0-60

WF (Withdrew Failing) 0.00


*Scores above .5 will be rounded up to the next 

full point.


These grades are not computed in the G.P.A.:

P                     Credit But No Grade

N                     No Credit

W                     Withdrew Passing

I                       Incomplete

Incompletes are only granted by the direction of the instructor.

Students unable to finish coursework because of circumstances beyond their control may petition instructors to grant an Incomplete at the end of a semester. “Petition for an Incomplete” forms are available in the Office of Advising, Records and Registration Services. All work for fall semester Incompletes must be turned in to the instructor on or before the third day for spring semester, and work to make up spring semester.  Incompletes must be submitted to the instructor on or before May 25 as specified on the “Petition for an Incomplete” form.  Incompletes remaining on a student’s record after the deadline will be converted to Failures (“F”). 

President’s List 

At the end of each semester, the President of Ringling College recognizes students with a semester average of 3.7 or better, and “President’s List” is posted on their transcripts for that semester. 

Honors Recognition At Graduation

Seniors are audited and certified for graduation honors for the May Commencement Ceremony at the end of the preceding fall semester. The fall semester cumulative G.P.A. is used to determine if they wear honor cords at Commencement.  Wearing cords is a notice of eligibility, not of having earned actual honors. Actual degree honors are noted on the diploma and official transcript and are based on the cumulative G.P.A. computed through the spring semester. Regarding honors, the following notice will be placed in the graduation program: Gold cords are worn by honors degree candidates whose cumulative G.P.A. is 3.5 or higher at the end of the fall semester. The listing of candidates and degrees in the graduation program is preliminary and in some cases subject to final certification of grades at graduation. Actual degree honors will be noted on the diploma and official transcript and will be based on the cumulative G.P.A. computed through the final semester. The posting of the earned degree on the permanent transcript record, issued by the Office of the Registrar, is the official testimony of possession of the degree and any honors associated with that degree.




Final Grades
Students may access their grades on Self Service by going to the website:  my.ringling.edu and logging in by using their user name and password.  Students who are on Academic Probation will be mailed a student copy of their transcript and a letter explaining the terms of the Academic Probation period.  Students who are eligible for Academic Dismissal will be sent by certified mail a student copy of their transcript and a letter explaining the reasons for dismissal.