The list below indicates the types of career paths which could be pursued upon graduation from Ringling College of Art and Design as a Digital Filmmaking major.

Some of these occupations may require additional training, certification, education or experience. The Center for Career Services can provide information and resources relating to these career options.

Popular Career Options in Digital Filmmaking:

  1. Producing
  2. Directing
  3. Editing - Film, Music, Dialogue, Sound 
  4. Cinematography
  5. Art Directing
  6. Visual Effects 
  7. Screenwriting 
  8. Scoring
  9. Concept Art 
  10. Lighting

Career Services does not own or maintain the web sites listed below. We provide links as a service to Ringling students and alumni.

Some examples of where Digital Film Alumni have been hired:

Primary Business Organization Name  -   Position

Lucas Film, LTD - Managing Digital Supervisor

MJZ Film Productions - Film Director

Industrial Light and Magic - Senior Lighting Technical Director

Blue Sky Studios - Final Layout Artist

Paramount Pictures - Lead Previsualization Artist

CollegeHumor Media – Production Assistant

Pixel Liberation Front – Senior Previsualization Artist

The Walt Disney Company – Previsualization Artist

Digital Earth Network – Freelance

Northrup Grumman – Video and Multimedia Specialist

Motion Analysis Studios – Production Assistant / Script Supervisor

American Film Institute – Grad School

Bluewater Media – Employee

Troma Entertainment – Producer

Lifetime Television – Broadcast Designer

Starz Media, LLC – Assistant to EVP

ParisCreative – Producer / Writer/Creative Director

NBC Studios – Key Set Production Assistant

Spike TV – Camera Operator

TNA Wresting – Producer / Editor

New Line Cinema – Panavision DST Operator

ETV’s South Carolina Channel – Producer / Director

The California Endowment – Freelance

Don Mischer Productions – Production Assistant to Producers