The list below indicates the types of career paths which could be pursued upon graduation from Ringling College of Art and Design as a Game Art & Design major.

Some of these occupations may require additional training, certification, education or experience. The Center for Career Services can provide information and resources relating to these career options.

Popular Career Options in Game Art & Design:


  1. 3D Character Animation
  2. Compositing & Special Effects
  3. 3D Modeling 
  4. Lighting Design
  5. Texturing
  6. Technical Directing 
  7. Concept/Layout/Storyboarding 
  8. Environment Design
  9. Level Design 
  10. Game Design

Some examples of companies and alumni positions held in the Gaming Industry:

Primary Business Organization Name  -   Position

Ready At Dawn Studios – Lead Animator

Concept Art House – CEO

Winterkewl Games LLC – CEO / Lead Designer

Certain Affinity – Senior Concept Artist

n-Space – Game Designer

Disney Interactive Media Group – Animation Technical Director

Warner Bros. Games – Senior Artist

– Animator
– Character Animator
– Associate Art Director

Irrational Games – Sr. Animator

LucasArts – Cinematics Lead

GREE, Inc. – Senior 2D Game Artist

Multimedia Games – 3D Artist/Animator

Retro Studios – Environment Artist

ZeniMax Online Studios – Senior World Builder

Bioware – Senior Animator

Sony Online Entertainment – Senior Character Artist

Treyarch – Effects Artist

Tricky Software Inc. – Studio Art Director

WayForward Technologies – Lead Animator

Rockstar Games NE – Animation Lead

Telltale Games – Senior Animator

Twisted Pixel Games – Owner/CCO

Akili Interactive Labs – Co Founder - Executive Creative Director

IndiePub – Art Director

Raw Thrills – Senior Artist

Microsoft Game Studios – Animation Lead

id Software – Technical Animator

5TH Cell Media – Senior Artist: Concept/3D – President/Owner

Riot Games – Technical Artist

Namco Bandai Games – 3D Artist

Neversoft Entertainment – Senior Animator

Kumkwat Entertainment – Animator/3D Artist

Raven Software Games – Animation Director

Faultline Studios – Executive Creative Producer/3D/VFX

Sledgehammer Games – Senior Environment Artist

Sony Computer Entertainment – Animator

Codebell LLC – Animator/Rigger

Naughty Dog Games – Animator

Turbine Games – Lead Animator