As with any career path, getting a job is a job. The Center for Career Services’ personnel at Ringling College of Art and Design are available to help students with career preparation when a student seeks assistance.

In addition to talent and persistence, the utilization of the Center for Career Services' programs and resources should result in the first step towards a successful career in the world of art and design.

The list below indicates the types of career paths which could be pursued upon graduation from Ringling College of Art and Design as an Interior Design major.

Some of these occupations may require additional training, certification, education or experience. The Center for Career Services can provide information and resources relating to these career options.

Popular Career Options in Interior Design:

  1. Community: Theaters / Museums / Schools
  2. Civic: Government Buildings / Airports
  3. Corporate Design: Offices / Banks
  4. Residential: Single-Family / Apartments / Condominiums
  5. Hospitality: Restaurants / Hotels / Resorts / Clubs
  6. Healthcare: Hospitals / Clinics / Private Practices
  7. Retail: Stores / Boutiques / Exhibits
  8. Entertainment Design: Casinos / Theme Parks / Art Direction
  9. Product Design: Furniture / Hardware / Lamps / Dinnerware 
  10. 3D Computer Modeling and Animation

Ringling College hosts dozens of recruiters annually from the biggest name companies around the country. While on campus, these recruiters typically offer a presentation open to students in all class years which details what they are looking for in potential new hires. In addition, they review portfolios and interview prospective employees and interns.

Information on upcoming recruiter visits is posted on College Central. As a Ringling College student, you can set up an account on our system to post your resumé, and search 1000's of part-time, full-time, freelance, and temporary employment opportunities and internships. There is no cost for this service and our resources are available to you when you become a Ringling College graduate from wherever and whenever needed.

We think you'll agree with dozens of recruiters around the country that Ringling College students and alumni are ready for the workforce!

For more information on careers for Interior Design, see the proof.

Some examples of where Interior Design Alumni have been hired:

Primary Business Organization Name  -  Position 

Spector Group Architects - Senior Interior Designer

Davis Carter Scott - Interior Designer

Space as Art - Principal Interior Designer

Donna Watson-Rossmoore Designs, LLC - Principal

Storr Office Environments - Designer

Spectra Contract Flooring - Account Manager


OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC - Design Associate

Puccini Group - Interior Designer

Timberlake Cabinetry - Builder Sales Representative

Wildadesign LLC - Principal

Tidmore-Henry Associates - Interior Designer Intern / Trainee

Janet Ott Inc. - Owner

Environmental Interiors Design Studio LLC - Principal / Designer

RTKL Associates, Inc. - Vice President

Bluarch Architecture - Designer

Adache Group Architects - Computer Drafting Administrator/Designer

MSTSD - Interior Designer and Marketing Consultant

Chasm Architecture, LLC - Designer

Architura Inc. - Owner

Rowland+Broughton Architecture and Urban Design - Interior Designer

Apex-Studio Santa Maria, Inc. - Principal/ Lic. Interior Designer

Blue Water Studio - President

L.A. Design Inc. - Owner

SOSH ARCHITECTS - Design Director

CFN & Associates - Principal / Interior Design & Planning

Evolutions Fine Interiors - Owner/ Principal

The Schimberg Group - Interior Designer

Lauck Group - Contracted Interior Designer

Robb & Stucky - Design Consultant

Huntsman Architectural Group - Principal

Gensler - Interior Designer

Progress Energy - Contract Administrator

Suzanne Lawson Design - Principal/Owner

Courtney L Porter & Assoc. - Owner

AP+I Design, Inc. - Project Manager

Barton G. - Designer

Fawley Bryant Architects, Inc. - Project Architect / Interior Designer

TAYLOR - Interior Designer

Hirsch Bedner Associates Design - Senior Interior Designer

Arcom Space Planning, LLC - Interior Designer

Lawson Group Architects, Inc.. - Art Director

Eco Interiors - Owner

MGE Architects - Interior Designer