Here are suggestions for successfully navigating your four years at Ringling College:


· Establish and verify major and studies 

· Investigate direct and indirect career options through major; attend CCS recruiter presentations 

· Consider affirmations via career / major career tests

· Register in College Central and develop initial documents and portfolios through CCS web tutorials on resumes, cover letters, internships, interviewing, etc.

· Use self-assessment techniques and career tests for verification of choice; affirm learning style 

· Visualize potential summer ideas; draft documents in support of applications 

· Use College Central web portfolio; update frequently 

· Make initial networking contacts with alumni via LinkedIn and Facebook 

· Meet with a counselor and review resources, ideas, refine resumes and cover letters 

· Apply for summer internships or freelance, part-time, art & design related opportunities, shadowing


· Focus and refine skills through major courses

· Continue networking conversations with graduates

· Continue attendance at CCS employer presentations and training sessions Food For Thought

· Update web portfolios and documents; establish additional web portfolios

· Further conversations with CCS counseling staff on career and internship preparation

· Envision and evaluate summer ideas; begin identifying and engaging applications

· Community volunteer activities for verifying direction

· Consider campus leadership roles

· Evaluate minors / electives for skill enhancements

· Meet with a career counselor and review resources, ideas: refine resumes and cover letters

· Apply for summer internships, freelance, part-time, and shadowing opportunities


· Review online presence and refine and professionalize all materials

· Plan Spring Break visits to potential intern / summer job sites

· Develop summer internship ideas; apply early for competitive positions

· Focus and update documents and portfolios towards internships

· Focus on style and ‘brand’ ideas through major courses

· Continue and redouble attendance at CCS trainings and employers’ presentations

· Network with alumni and professionals for strategy development for summer opportunities

· Engage alternate resources and strategies for summer internships

· Practice interviewing techniques with CCS staff

· Apply for and obtain summer internships via networking on social networks, College Central and EmployOn, etc. listing, and professional associations


· Finalize and modify satisfying first jobs for the first 6 months to a year or two after graduation

· Finish and polish documents and portfolios and online presence (ex: LinkedIn, etc)

· Intensify use of CCS resources for the “three ways to get a job”

· Attend recruiter presentations and professional visiting artists; follow-up with them during the year

· Apply for on and off-campus recruiting interviews

· Continue networking with alumni and professionals in your fields of interest

· Continue updating your web profiles, portfolio and resume

· Polish interviewing techniques with CCS staff

· Clarify and commit to job-hunting ethics and negotiation techniques

· Continue process after graduation while using CCS resources

For additional information and assistance on academics, consult the ACADEMIC ADVISOR website and your Department's website.