Digital Checkout is located on the 5th floor of the Academic Center in room 507. Students are able to check out equipment with their student IDs from monitors that are there at all open hours. Regretfully, there are occasional times when student workers are ill or do not show up for their scheduled shift. If that should happen, Digital Checkout will resume normal hours during the next student worker shift.


Monday-Thursday 9AM-8PM

Friday 9AM-4PM

Saturday CLOSED

Sunday 4PM-11PM

New Equipment for Digital Checkout - Fall 2013

Fun & Games


Sony Playstation

(Games available for checkout at the library- see link below)

http://ring1.hosted.<wbr></wbr><wbr></wbr>search?version=7&searchArg1=<wbr></wbr>xbox video games&searchCode1=SKEY&<wbr></wbr>argType1=ALL&location=GAMES&<wbr></wbr>language=all&searchType=2&<wbr></wbr>recCount=50

Projector for work or video play nights



2 Snowball Microphones

2 Caddie Buddies for iPad

2 Lavalier Microphones for iPad

8 Zoom H4n and H2 Recorders

4 Lavalier Microphones



Several T3i, T4i, T5i Canon Cameras for Checkout

1 Canon 7D

2 Full Frame Canon 6D Cameras, Reserved for Seniors and Juniors.

1 Full Frame Canon 5D Camera, Reserved for Seniors and Juniors.


Canon 70-200L, F2.8

Canon 24-105L, F4

Canon 17-55, F2.8 EF-S lens

Canon 17-40L, F4 EF lens

Canon 50mm f1.4, macro

In addition, Motion Design has 7D cameras on reserve for their own student use. Motion Design Lens- Canon 24-70L F2.8


Video Cameras

4 Canon XA10

Several Flip Video Cameras

3 Go Pro Hero 3

1 Go Pro Hero 2

Camera Skater w/ Aron

2 Seaty Video Stabilizer Systems

Glide Cam

Monitor for Glide Cam



Neat NEC Projector that can also be used to project flat artwork on the wall.


Checkout Lighting

Set of 3 daylight balanced LED lights with stands

Set of 2 Alien Bees strobe lights with stands

Set of 2 hot lights for checkout


Misc. Photo Equipment

6 Tripods



8 Intuos 5 Tablets

Equipment Available at Digital Checkout

Projectors- Mac Adapters Available

USB Style Microphones

Canon Powershot A570 Point and Shoot

Canon SX-30 w/ 35x Zoom

Canon GL-1 Video Cameras

Sony HVR V1U1- HD Video Cameras

Manfrotto Video Tripods

T5i Canon Cameras

T3i Canon Cameras

T2i Canon Cameras

Provista Tripods

Go Pro Hero 2 and 3 Video Camera Kits

Flip Video Cameras

Tiltall Tripods for Digital Cameras

Cintiq Stylus Pens

Intuos 3 Stylus Pens

Intuos 2 Stylus Pens

Kodak Play Sport HD Video Cameras

Color Munki Calibration Device for Monitors

KeyRig 49 USB Keyboards (MD only)

iRig Microphones for iPhone

Rode Microphones

Audio Technica USB Microphones

Azden Wireless Lavalier Microphone and Transmitters

Zoom H4n Recorders

Zoom H1 Recorders

Micro Light for Video/Digital Photography

500 and 1000 LED Digital Lighting

Card Readers

Canon Flash

Canon 430EXII, 580 Speedlites

Canon XA10 Video Camcorders

Glide Cam 2000