Departments working with hazardous materials or equipment develop safety rules & guidelines specific to their activities. Each department is responsible for educating their students on health and safety issues at the start of each academic year.

The safety rules & guidelines are available below for each department. Some departments also develop safety manuals to accompany the rules & guidelines; these are also available to view.

First Year                Rules & Guidelines

                                                Safety Manual

Digital Filmmaking               Safety Manual

                                                Production Handbook

Fine Arts - 2D                Rules & Guidelines

Fine Arts - Ceramics                Rules & Guidelines

Fine Arts - Printmaking                Rules & Guidelines

Fine Arts - Sculpture               Rules & Guidelines

                                                                    Safety Manual

Fine Arts - Woodshop                Rules & Guidelines

                                                                    Safety Manual

Fine Arts - Chainsaw Safety               Rules & Guidelines

Fine Arts - Axe Safety                Rules & Guidelines

Illustration Department                Rules & Guidelines

Letterpress and Book Arts               Rules & Guidelines

Photography and Digital Imaging                Rules & Guidelines

Private Studio Policy               Rules and Guidelines


LBKCA Jewelry Studio                Rules and Guidelines

Englewood Art Center       Painting Rules and Guidelines

Englewood Art Center       Pottery Rules and Guidelines

Children's Safety                Rules and Guidelines