Guides and additional information on EHS topics will be added on a regular basis. If you would like to request information on a topic contact the Director of EHS.


Ergonomics - standing or sitting?

        The three steps to avoid the long term issues related to sitting and standing throughout the day.

Ventilation Systems - For Hazardous Art Materials

        How to protect yourself when working with hazardous materials.

Office safety guide

        Advice and guidance on office safety and computer use.

Personal Protective Equipment

        Information on items of personal protective equipment.

Reading Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

        How to obtain the useful information on a MSDS.

MSDS glossary

        Brief explanations of terms and acronyms used on MSDS's.

Chemical labeling procedures

        Guidance on what chemicals must be labeled and why.

Dry drawing media

        Information on pastels, crayons, chalks and fixatives.

Safe use and disposal of paints and solvents

        General information and college specific procedures.

Fact sheet on solvents

        Facts to help you choose safer products.

Safe use of tight fitting respirators

        Three fact sheets providing general information, cartridge change-out scheduling and how to perform a user seal check.

Safe use of particulate respirators (dust masks)

        Five fact sheets providing general information, information from OSHA, donning, fit checking, and doffing respirators.

Ladder safety

        How to safely use a stepladder or ladder.

Scaffold safety

        Checklist for setting up and use of a scaffold.

Mold Prevention

        Basic mold prevention information, tips and how to control moisture.

Carbon Monoxide

        Information on carbon monoxide, its effects & symptoms and prevention tips.

Spray Booth Maintenance

        How and what to maintain on the spray booths.

Bench / Floor Grinder Safety

        A short guide on the safe use and setup of a grinder.

Silica: It's not just dust

        Information on the effects of silica dust, how to limit exposure and general facts.