Bloodborne Pathogens Training

Any person who handles blood or other potentially infectious materials as part of their job is required to understand the potential hazards of such exposure and receive training on Bloodborne Pathogens. This training session must be completed before initial exposure on the job, and at least annually thereafter.

This training consists of a number of informational modules covering an explanation of the OSHA Standard, epidemiology and transmission of bloodborne pathogens, appropriate work practices, procedures, and measures to control exposure.


Who Should Attend?

Mandatory for all employees that have a potential exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials. This includes first aid responders, personnel handling infectious materials and employees working on plumbing systems.


Annual Update

Annual training is required by OSHA. To complete the on-line training if you have previously attended a classroom session, click here.



Contact Carl Powell on 309-0027 for more information.