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  1. The “C” in RACE stands for?

    Clear the area
    Clean the room
    Call 911
    Close doors

  2. Storage from sprinkler heads must be at least?.

    2 inches from the sprinkler
    2 feet from the sprinkler
    18 inches from the sprinkler
    18 feet from the sprinkler

  3. Portable fire extinguishers put out the fire by?

    Removing the oxygen
    Covering the fuel
    Reducing the heat
    All of the above

  4. You should spray the extinguishing agent at?

    The top of the flame
    The base of the flame
    The middle of the flame
    The side of the flame

  5. What is the most common type of portable extinguisher found on campus?

    Carbon dioxide extinguisher
    Halon extinguisher
    Dry chemical extinguisher
    None of the above

  6. When confronted with a fire, what is the most important decision you must make?

    Whether to call 9-1-1 or extinguish the fire
    Whether to evacuate the building or extinguish the fire
    Whether to activate the building alarm or extinguish the fire
    Whether to close the room door or extinguish the fire

  7. If you choose to fight a fire, where should you position yourself?

    Outside the room to avoid being trapped by the fire
    Next to a window so you can jump if your efforts to extinguish the fire are unsuccessful
    As close to the fire as possible to ensure maximum efficiency of the extinguisher
    Six to eight feet from the fire, between the fire and your escape route

  8. An example of two “Class B” fuels would be:

    Grease and solvent
    Lamp and hot plate
    Cardboard and newspapers
    Rubber and plastic

  9. The three elements of the fire triangle are:

    Water, a heat source and fuel
    Oxygen, water and fuel
    Oxygen, fuel and a heat source
    Fuel, oxygen and earth

  10. Which item is NOT prohibited in a residence hall?

    Power strip
    Coffee pot
    Hot plate