Hazardous Communication Training - revised to incorporate GHS requirements

All employees who work with hazardous chemicals must receive training to become knowledgeable about the potential hazards of the chemicals they use and how to properly handle these chemicals. The on-line training session provides general information about working with chemicals. More specific training must be provided by the supervisor or department.

The session will examine OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard, how to use the information found in (material) safety data sheets and looks at the labels and signs commonly used.

The Hazardous Communication Program, Hazardous Waste Disposal Procedure and Chemical Spill Procedure can be reviewed in the Policy and Procedures section of the EHS website.


Who should complete the course?

Mandatory for all employees who work in areas where hazardous chemicals are stored and used.


Click here for the on-line Hazard Communication Training


Click here for the (Material) Safety Data Sheet to complete the training


Click here to take the Hazard Communication quiz - then click on the link "Hazardous Communication (2012) Post Training Quiz"



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