Machine Guarding Post Training Quiz

This is an open book quiz – Refer to the PowerPoint presentation if required 

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Questions 1-8: True/False questions
Questions 9-14: Mark the one correct answer

1. A guard may be adjusted while the machine is running.
2. Self adjusting guards provide a barrier that moves according to the size of the stock/material.
3. As long as guards remain in place, operators do not require training on machine guarding.
4. It is acceptable to remove the guard on a paper cutter when in use?
5. Fixed guards provide better protection than adjustable guards.
6. When the periphery of a fan blade is at a height of 6 foot above the floor, the blades must be guarded.
7. Lockout / Tagout (control of hazardous energy) is not required if maintenance takes less than 5 minutes.
8. It is known that certain types of personal protective equipment (PPE) can be hazardous when working with machinery (i.e. gloves). Therefore all types of PPE should be prohibited when working with machinery.
9. Compressed air can occasionally be used for cleaning machinery. The pressure must be reduced to less than:
10. What is the main advantage of a fixed guard?
11. A guard that is in your way while you operate a machine indicates that:
12. Work rests on abrasive wheel machinery must be adjusted allowing a maximum opening of:
13. Under “methods of safeguarding”, a hierarchy of preferred safeguarding techniques places which method above all others:
14. Which responsibility is NOT required by employees; instead the supervisors maintain this responsibility?