On Campus Medical Services: 1-941-309-4000

Ringling College of Art and Design, in partnership with Sarasota Memorial Hospital, provides on-campus medical services and is equipped to diagnose and treat most common illnesses and conditions.  Any services that cannot be provided directly on-site at the Student Health Center can be coordinated within Sarasota Memorial Hospital’s comprehensive network of services.


Student Health Center
2712 Bradenton Road

OPEN: MWF 8 AM - 1 PM and TTh 11 AM - 4 PM

Sarasota Memorial Urgent Care Center
5360 University Parkway

OPEN: 8 AM - 8 PM - 7 Days a Week

The mandatory health charge of $205 per semester helps support the medical and counseling services provided on our campus, and allows students to see a provider for a general medical office visit at the Hospital’s University Parkway Urgent Care Center with no out-of-pocket costs.

For more information about on-campus medical services click here or call Ringling College Medical Services at 941-309-4000.

As SMH is a legally separate entity, students generally need to complete a release of information to allow sharing of protected information with the Counseling Center or other Ringling entities. The release is available here.

ATTENTION REGARDING BILLS: Please do not ignore bills if received. Even if you believe you were charged in error, please both e-mail rpage@ringling.edu and contact SMH right away at medical@ringling.edu 

 Ringling College assumes no liability for the care or treatment of students needing medical attention, and the College requires all degree-seeking students to carry health insurance. All students must either purchase the health insurance available through the College or maintain insurance equal to or greater than that selected by Ringling College. 


Walgreens for Prescription Management

Walgreens 941-360-3474


Sarasota FL 34234

Store #: 6156

Southwest corner of Us 41 & Myrtle

Walgreens works with our students to deliver many medications to campus with proper prescription information during normal business hours. You can contact them or visit -- be sure to mention RINGLING COLLEGE HEALTH CENTER DELIVERY if you would like that no-cost service.


Flu shots

Students may visit the health center during medical staff open hours to receive a flu shot or during our flu clinics which will be announced before each flu season. Faculty and staff may participate in the scheduled on-campus clinics scheduled during Wellness week for a small fee (depending on insurance), or may wish to visit Walgreens, Publix, or other local pharmacies for a flu shot.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital Urgent Care and Health Insurances Accepted

The Sarasota Memorial Urgent Care Center is located at 5360 University Parkway, Sarasota, Florida.  A range of insurances in addition to the student group plan are accepted: Sarasota Memorial Hospital - Health Insurances Accepted

For directions to SMH Urgent Care Centers click here <The Sarasota Memorial Urgent Care Center> or [ download the App ] on your Droid or iPhone.


Medication Administration (Allergy, Testosterone, B12, Birth Control)

Please note we cannot administer any home medications at Health Services, brought in by a student.  This includes allergy medication, testosterone, B12, and injectable birth control.  The student should have their Physician or Pharmacy mail/deliver the medication to the following address:

Student Health Center
Attention: SMH Medical Staff, Medication
 2700 N. Tamiami Trail
 Sarasota, FL 34243
 1. Please have the box clearly marked that it requires refrigeration. 
 2. Please provide a letter or an order signed by the MD requesting the administration of injectable medication as indicated on the written instructions that are sent with each vial. This can be written on an Rx pad. Any information pertinent to treatment should be sent along with this order.
 3. Provide an instruction sheet with your physician's name, address, phone and fax numbers.
 4.. Provide clearly written instructions for each vial, including contents, strength, dosage and frequency of each injection, with a schedule to follow for missed injections, local and system reactions.
 5. Each vial should be clearly labeled with:
 a. Patient's name
 b. Name of mix/solution
 c. Strength of each vial's solution
 d. Expiration date.


Note that RCAD and SMH are not responsible for packages lost or delayed, and students with possible health risks from not receiving their medication should not rely on mail service. Do not mail items which are irreplaceable. Individual is responsible for appropriate insurance and tracking. Please consult your doctor and local, state, federal laws before mailing prescriptions which may be illegal in some circumstances. Never mail controlled substances. Always mail items in their original containers with clear labels. 


Peterson Counseling Services: 1-941-893-2855

The Peterson Counseling Center at the Ringling College of Art and Design provides a confidential, safe, supportive atmosphere for students.  All services are confidential, voluntary and at no cost to currently enrolled students. Contact us at 941-893-2855 for more information or to schedule an appointment.  


New Student Health Information Form

All students are required to complete a health information form upon matriculation. The health form for fall semester is due July 15, 2015. 
Health Information Form (PDF download)

New students will be contacted only if you are missing an item in order to obtain required information for our records.  After the deadline you can check the status of your immunization forms through your Self Service account at https://selfservice.ringling.edu/SelfService/Home.aspx 

Student Health Insurance Information and Waiver: 1-888-978-8355

For information about student insurance, please visit https://app.hsac.com/ringling. Under "Documents" you will soon be able see the highlights of the 2015-16 Student Health Insurance Plan with United Health Care along with a full brochure of the plan. (As of this date, the 2014-15 plan is posted.)

All 2015 incoming students will automatically be enrolled in the student insurance plan unless they elect to waive coverage and the waiver is approved.  Students will need to complete an Online Waiver Form by September 15, 2015.  Once the online waiver is completed and approved, a full credit will be issued. There can be no refunds or rebates after this date.  Students may enroll for coverage up to 31 calendar days after the start of the Fall or Spring semesters.  Exceptions will be made to the established enrollment periods in the event the student suffers a loss of coverage under another plan due to ineligibility. 

Follow this link for frequently asked questions about the Affordable Care Act and student health insurance:









Questions about the Affordable Care Act and Health Insurance Marketplace? Certified Application Counselors are ready to help in Sarasota County - at no cost to you!

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