Blue Light Phone Towers

Voice over IP telephone towers are located at the Bayou Studio Complex, Bayou Village Apartments, Brandenburg Complex, the Cove Apartments, Goldstein Hall, Roskamp Center, Roy & Susan Palmer Quadrangle, Campus Store parking lot (two towers), Keating Hall near Ferguson Studio, Riverside Drive parking lot (Riverside Drive and Old Bradenton Road), the intersection of Riverside Drive and West Place, Greensboro Lane near Harmon Hall, East Tamiami Circle, Studios North, Sculpture parking lot (just off of Pappy Saunders way near the Sculpture Building), Goldstein Village and the Dean of Faculty Annex. The blue light phones provide a 24-hour direct phone link to the Public Safety Communication Center. Each tower has two activation buttons: one for "information" and one for "emergency."  When the VOIP phone is activated by using the "emergency" button, the constantly burning blue light at the top of the tower flashes.  A security camera is focused on each tower, enabling the Communications Officer on duty to see the caller while talking to him or her on the phone. These call boxes are not restricted to emergency situations and may be used for non-emergency purposes. 

Security Cameras

In addition to the security cameras at each blue light phone tower, there are additional cameras recording activity in some of the Ringling Campus parking lots and adjacent city streets.  The Ringling College CCTV policy is located here.

Campus Map (JPG)

Campus Map (PDF)

Phone Numbers

Emergency: 359-7500
Non-emergency: 309-4121
Director's Office: 351-4742