Campus Security Authorities

A Campus Security Authority (CSA) is a person usually found in college departments responsible for, but not limited to, student and campus activities, safety and security, discipline, housing, athletics, human resources, judicial proceedings, or any other person designated by the college to receive and report offenses reportable under the Clery Act. CSA's are a vital part of data collection for the annual safety and security report.

CSA's are responsible for reporting the number of crimes and incidents as described in the Clery Act that occur within their department to the Ringling College Public Safety Office.  These numbers are then included in the federally mandated Clery Report.  The RCAD Public Safety website is used as the college’s Clery compliance document and appropriate numbers and statistics are changed on the website each year by the beginning of October.

CSAs at the Ringling College of Art and Design include:

Senior Officers (President, and Vice Presidents)

All Public Safety Personnel

Dean of Students 

Associate Dean of Students

Coordinators of Student Volunteerism and Service

Coordinator of Student Activities

Coordinator of Recreation and Wellness

Coordinator of Residence Life/Housing Operations

Coordinator of Residence Life

Student Life administrative staff

Resident Assistants


Reporting Criminal Acts

Victims of crime should immediately make a report with the Office of Public Safety by contacting The PSO Communications Center at 309-4121 (non-emergency) or 359-7500 (emergency), or by using one of the blue light phone towers located on campus.  The responding public safety officer will document the crime, do any immediate investigations that may be required and pass that information on to the Director of Public Safety.  Crime victims also have the option of reporting criminal activity to the Sarasota Police Department and college public safety officers will assist students, faculty and staff in making contact with SPD.  The Office of Public Safety will also take reports of unsafe activity, violations of the student Code of Conduct and violations of housing policies.

Numerous efforts are made to notify members of the campus community on a timely basis about campus crime and crime-related problems. These efforts include the following:

Annual Reports

This Public Safety Report, which includes policy information and crime statistics as required by federal legislation, is published annually and made available on this website. It is available to the media and any individual or organization. Ringling College also provides annual statistics to the Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities and the U.S. Department of Education.  The numbers included in the annual crime statistics are gathered by the Director of Public Safety and are derived from reports filed with the Ringling College Office of Public Safety, other security officials on the college campus (as defined by federal legislation known as the Clery Act), and crimes committed on public property adjacent to campus property that are reported to the Sarasota Police Department.

Crime Alerts and Emergency  Warnings
Should criminal offenses take place on or around the college campus that may pose an immediate or continuing threat to members of the college community, the Office of Public Safety, with the assistance of the Office of Student Life, will post notices of these offenses. Those postings will be in the form of flyers distributed campus wide, in the form of a campus wide email, and/or in the Campus Portal

The college utilizes Blackboard Connect mass notification system to send crime alerts to students, faculty and staff when appropriate.  Blackboard can send emails, text messages, cell phone and land line messages to the entire campus community in a matter of minutes.  

Additional methods of emergency notification, used as a supplement to the Blackboard system, include campus wide email, postings to the Campus Portal, use of a campus wide telephone tree notification system, room to room and door to door person to person delivery using Public Safety Officers, Resident Assistants, Student Life staff, office staff and maintenance personnel.   
 Crime Logs
The Office of Public Safety maintains a log of criminal acts reported to Public Safety officers. That log, the Public Safety Report, and crime statistics are available through the Public Safety web site. Copies are available by request at the Office of Public Safety during normal business hours (Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).

Phone Numbers

Emergency: 359-7500
Non-emergency: 309-4121
Director's Office: 351-4742