Emergency Notification Test Results

The Ringling College of Art and Design has established a multi-phased emergency notification system to alert the campus community in case of an emergency situation.  The backbone of this mass communication system is the Blackboard Connect mass notification system.

The Blackboard Connect system enables campus administrators to reach all members of the campus community in a matter of seconds through cell phone voice calls, messages, text messages, land line telephone voice mail and email. 

In addition to this system, the college uses various other communications methods in emergency situations, to include:

  • Telephone tree communications
  • Campus wide email messages
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Paper fliers and bulletin board posting
  • Person-to-person communication, using personnel from Student Life and Public Safety
  • Website postings
  • Two-way radio systems

For more details regarding emergency procedures and policy the see the “emergency procedures” section of this document.  That section contains the entire Ringling College Emergency Response Plan.

Phone Numbers

Emergency: 359-7500
Non-emergency: 309-4121
Director's Office: 351-4742

Email: rtubbs@ringling.edu