The cooperation and involvement of students, faculty and staff in a campus safety program is absolutely necessary. All individuals must assume responsibility for their personal safety and the security of their personal belongings by taking simple, common sense precautions. For example, although the campus is well-lit, anyone, male or female, may feel more comfortable requesting escort service when returning to residence halls, or when leaving campus and going to a vehicle in the parking lot or on a nearby street. The service is provided by the Office of Public Safety during the hours of darkness by calling (941) 359-7500. Residence hall room doors should be kept locked and office doors should be secured when not occupied. Valuable items, such as stereos, cameras, and televisions, should be marked with engraving instruments which can be provided by the Office of Public Safety at no charge. Bicycles should be registered with the Office of Public Safety and secured with a sturdy lock. (Krypton-type locks are recommended.)

Students, faculty and staff should have their vehicles registered with the Office of Public Safety. Vehicles should be kept locked at all times and valuables stored in the trunk.

Everyone should be alert to unusual or suspicious persons or activities and immediately report these incidents to the Office of Public Safety at (941) 359-7500.

Phone Numbers

Emergency: 359-7500
Non-emergency: 309-4121
Director's Office: 351-4742