Download the Residential Fire Safety Data Sheet (PDF)


Hot plates, full sized refrigerators and appliances with exposed elements are prohibited in residence hall facilities.  Only microwaves and refrigerators less than 4.0 cubic feet, 600 watts, and UL approved are allowed.  No grills are permitted inside any student housing facility.

Full sized appliances are allowed in apartments and student occupied houses owned by the college.

Fire Drills and Evacuation

When a fire alarm sounds in campus housing facilities, it is mandatory for all occupants to evacuate the building according to prescribed fire emergency procedures: 

  • Dress quickly and appropriately for exiting the building.
  • Feel the door for heat.  If it is hot, do not open it.  Remain in the room. Place a towel in the air space under the door. Go to the window and wave an article of clothing until a fire fighter reaches you.  If the door is not hot, lock your door and move quickly to the nearest fire exit.
  • If smoke is present, wrap a towel over your nose and mouth and remain close to the floor.
  • As you exit, move away from the building and to the location assigned by the RA.
  • Do not re-enter the building under any circumstances until directed to do so by the Fire Department, Ringling Public Safety or Residence Life staff.

Flammable Items

Open flames, such as candles, incense and potpourri burners are not permitted in any student residence. 

Fire Alarm and Safety

Tampering with fire alarms, fire extinguishers, or any other fire equipment is a criminal act.  Any person fond responsible for such actions may be subjected to a fine of up to $500.  In addition to potential criminal charges, students engaging in this behavior will be referred for disciplinary action and/or civil prosecution that may result in separation from the College.

Phone Numbers

Emergency: 359-7500
Non-emergency: 309-4121
Director's Office: 351-4742