Bicycle Policy

Bicycle Registration Form

Motor Vehicle Registration Form for Faculty and Staff

Motor Vehicle Registration Form for Students

These regulations are provided to ensure the safety of drivers, pedestrians and property, as well as provide adequate parking for all who drive a vehicle on the campus of Ringling College of Art and Design. A parking and traffic plan can be successful only when all persons - faculty, staff, students and visitors - abide by the regulations. 

Each student, faculty or staff member of Ringling College who brings a vehicle onto campus must register it with the Office of Public Safety. All persons registering or driving motor vehicles on Ringling College property are responsible for knowing the rules and regulations governing traffic and parking.


A. Motor Vehicle - Every vehicle which is self-propelled and has two or more wheels.

B. Student - Any person registered at Ringling College for one or more credit hours.

C. Faculty and Staff - Full-time or part-time faculty, administrative officials and employees of the College.

D. University Property - All property owned by Ringling College.

Motor Vehicle Registration

A. All vehicles will be registered each year. No fee will be charged for parking permits. Students will be issued stickon decals to be affixed to the outside of the rear window on the driver's side. Faculty and staff will be issued hang tags to be displayed on the rearview mirror. Tickets will be issued to vehicles not properly displaying parking permits. 

B. Students are not permitted to use faculty/staff permits and or park in faculty staff parking spaces. 

C. Permits will be valid for one academic year and will expire each year on August 1. 

D. A vehicle registration form must be completed prior to issuance of any parking permit and the following information must be provided:

  • Name and address (local and permanent, if student)
  • Motor vehicle license number and vehicle description

E. All motor vehicles brought to the campus by faculty, staff and students must be registered at the Office of Public Safety. Visitors and guests are not required to register vehicles. 

F. Faculty, staff and students who must use a vehicle other than one registered on campus will be issued temporary permits. Lost or stolen permits must be reported to the Office of Public Safety. Lost or stolen permits will be replaced and a fee of $10 per replacement permit will be charged. 

Student decals will be replaced free of charge when a vehicle is traded, sold or wrecked. 

G. The Office of Public Safety does not accept money for replacement decals or parking fines. Payment of fines or replacement decals will be made at the Business Office. Failure to pay for replacement decals or parking fines on a timely basis will result in transactions (grades, diplomas, transcripts, etc.) being withheld, admission being denied and/or loss of parking privileges. 


A. Only those vehicles properly registered with the Office of Public Safety are authorized to park on property owned by Ringling College of Art and Design. The institution reserves the right to remove any vehicle on its property which is not properly registered. The institution also reserves the right to tow to a safe place, at the owner's expense, any vehicle parked in such a manner as to be considered to be a hazard, blocking a fire lane, or otherwise impeding vehicular or pedestrian traffic. The institution assumes no responsibility for damages incurred while moving said vehicles.

B. The institution reserves the right to deny any person, for cause, the privilege of operating and/or parking a motor vehicle on college property. That denial may be made by the President of the College upon the request of any vice president, dean or the Director of Public Safety.

C. The institution assumes no responsibility for losses from fire, theft, vandalism, or any other cause when cars are parked on college property.

D. City and state driving and parking rules and regulations, and all directive signs governing the use of motor vehicles, must be observed at all times.

E. Motor vehicles are to be kept in safe driving condition while on college property. In the event of mechanical failure of a vehicle, the Office of Public Safety should be notified. The owner of any disabled vehicle is responsible for its immediate removal.

F. Persons lending vehicles to others are responsible for tickets issued.

G. The transfer of student parking permits from one vehicle to another is not allowed.

H. Upon accumulation of five (5) unpaid parking tickets, parking privileges may be revoked and the offending vehicle is subject to being towed from campus at the owner's expense.

Definition of Offenses

A. Faculty/Staff Parking Only. Tickets will be issued to unauthorized persons parked in spaces reserved for faculty and staff west of and behind Selby Gallery and in the Goldstein Village Lot.

B. Visitor Parking. Tickets will be issued to students, faculty and staff parked in spaces reserved for visitors.

C. Reserved Spaces. Tickets will be issued to anyone parked any time in spaces reserved for the President, vice presidents, Business Office, Dean of Students and Assistant Dean of Students. Tickets will be issued to anyone who removes parking cones used to reserve spaces for visitors and/or special events.

D. Fire Lane. Tickets will be issued to anyone parked in areas designated and marked as fire lanes.

E. Not In a Marked Space. Tickets will be issued to anyone parked in areas of parking lots not clearly marked as parking spaces. Parking on grass is not allowed except in those grass lots designated for parking and violators will be ticked. Vehicles parked on sidewalks are subject to being towed at the owner's expense.

F. No Parking Permit Visible. Tickets will be issued to unregistered vehicles used by students, faculty or staff. Registered vehicles without visible parking decals may be ticketed.

Phone Numbers

Emergency: 359-7500
Non-emergency: 309-4121
Director's Office: 351-4742