Julee Docking

Annual Community Exhibitions
May 15 – 29, 2009

Opening reception: Friday, May 15, 5 -7 p.m.

Gallery I
Each May Selby Gallery invites one of the local art organizations to put on a show in Selby Gallery. This year’s exhibition will feature the work of the Petticoat Painters, which came into existence more than fifty years ago to focus attention on the women artists who were living and working in Sarasota.

Gallery II
Selby Gallery II is always reserved to honor one or two artists who have lived and worked in Sarasota during most of their careers. Painter Julee Docking is the honoree for 2009.

[About the Petticoat Painters Group]


The Petticoat Painters is the oldest, continuously exhibiting women's art group in the United States. The group was formed in 1953 to showcase the talents of female artists at a time when women had difficulty getting their work exhibited. The group is limited to 20 Sarasota artists and prospective members have to be nominated by a member. They are carefully considered after screening for artistic integrity and exhibition experience to see if they will be invited into the group.

The 20 current members, representing an eclectic mix of styles and media, are: Judy Axe, Joan Davies, Alice DeCaprio, Julee Docking, Peppi Elona, Madelaine Ginsberg, Martha Hartman, Ruth Hook-Colby, Susan Klein, Susan Morris McGee, Eleanor Merritt, Jini Mount, Keiko Romerstein, Virginia Salerni, Diane Schmidt, Judy Lyons Schneider, Sally Sloan, Julie Trigg and Trudy Whitney.

Seven women artists participated in that first show held at the gallery of Martha and William Hartman. Those original members selected the name "Petticoat Painters," thinking it would be a one-time show of their work. They will celebrate their 56th anniversary at the Selby Gallery in 2009.

[About Julee Docking]

A longtime resident of Sarasota, FL, Julee Docking studied at the Corcoran Art School in Washington, DC. She is listed in A History of Visual Art in Sarasota and has won numerous awards throughout her long career. Her exhibitions include Kennedy Center, Washington, DC; High Museum, Atlanta, GA; Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, FL; and Edison College, Gallery of Fine Art, Ft. Myers, FL.

Left to right:
The Petticoat Painters
Trudy Whitney, "Coral Reef"