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Find Books From Worldwide Libraries That We Can Borrow For You 

WorldCat is one large catalog of the items in the collections of libraries all over the United States and the world. Search this catalog to see if there are other items about your topic that we may be able to borrow from other libraries for you to use.

Once you find the book that you need, fill out an Interlibrary Loan Form and we'll borrow it from that library for you to pick up at our Circulation Desk.


Over 108,000 eBooks on a wide variety of topics, including graphic design, motion design, computer animation, game art and design, fine arts, interior design, art history, business, liberal arts, film studies, history, psychology, literature, economics, political science and other disciplines. 

Contains copyrighted, licensed content for use under the fair use and classroom teaching exemptions of the United States Copyright Laws. 

Digitized books and more are available for on-screen preview, with many thousands available as PDF downloads.

Some materials are in the public domain.

Find citations, abstracts, and full-text articles in peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, and journals from academic publishers and other scholarly organizations. 

46,000+ full-text electronic books (many were published prior to 1923).

Most materials are in the public domain. 

For public domain books in Australia, Canada, and Germany, plus Nordic Literature, see Project Gutenberg's Partners, Affiliates and Resources.

Lists over 2 million free books on the web. You can search or browse the listings by Author, Title or Subject.

Many of the listed materials are in the public domain.

Open Library is a part of the Internet Archive and it provides access to over 1 million free eBook titles, including all of Project Gutenberg's books.

Some materials are in the public domain.