Annual Admitted Student Day 2008

    Annual Admitted Student Day a Success

    Ringling College of Art and Design hosted its annual Admitted Student Day on April 19, 2008.  This annual event, which is intended for prospective fall 2008 students who have already applied to Ringling College, offers students a surplus of information about the Ringling campus and community, degree programs, resident halls, student life, and much more.  The events of the day were well received by both parents and students, with one student quoted as saying, “It was wonderful, well organized and extremely informative (fun too!!).  The curriculum….seems perfect for me!  Plus my Dad feels a lot more comfortable about paying for Ringling.”

    From another student, Jose’ Yulnar Diaz Amaro, this was a significant day indeed– a day he has been looking forward to for a long time.  Amara began his higher education studying programming and computer systems in Mexico, but he has always had a dream of working in animation and the film industry, a dream that the road of programming was not going to lead him down.  For Amara, it has not been easy; he first had to learn English before he could even begin his studies in animation.  But, over the last 5 years, since living in the US and working on his own art, he has accomplished this task and is now ready to tackle the Computer Animation program here at Ringling, starting this fall.  Amara says, “I am very excited to be at Ringling. When I came here and was accepted into Animation, a student told me that it will help to know programming.  I am excited about that because I already have a knowledge of programming – this is a dream come true.”  

    During this year’s festivities, students and parents participated in campus tours, a Dance Revolution contest, bungee bull riding, 1-on-1 discussions with Ringling faculty and staff, a BBQ with live music, and presentations by Dean of Students, Dr. Tammy Walsh, and Phyllis Schaen, Director of Career Services; They also enjoyed an Island Festival (complete with funnel cakes and snow cones), tours of the academic program buildings, meeting instructors, and chatting with current Ringling students.

    This year’s Admitted Student Day attendance totaled 509, with 191 of those being potential students.  12 of those students have already confirmed their attendance, paid their fees for fall semester, and will be entering Ringling as freshmen in the fall of 2008!


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