Hemitage Artist Retreat and Ringling College Announce Ringling College Residency

    Hemitage Artist Retreat and Ringling College Announce Ringling College Residency

    August 31, 2008 – The Hermitage Artist Retreat and Ringling College of Art and Design are pleased to announce a collaboration to bring internationally recognized artists to the Hermitage’s Manasota Key beachfront campus.  The collaboration is part of a special cultural exchange program to be called the “Ringling College Residency.” Each year, up to two visiting artists will be invited to live and work at the Hermitage in conjunction with a teaching exchange between Ringling College and Sint Lucas College in Antwerp, Belgium. These artists will enjoy the same 3-6 week residency as other invited artists and will also “give back” two free community services, as is required by all Hermitage artists.  

    “We are very pleased to announce the Ringling College Residency,” remarked
    Bruce E. Rodgers, executive director of the Hermitage. “Ringling College has an
    international reputation and draws top artists from around the world. The opportunity to support artists’ work that has been qualified by Ringling College’s high standards is a way to expand our global reach. It also allows us to share the work and expertise of these artists with the community, through our community ‘give-back’ program. Everyone who chooses to take advantage of these programs will benefit from the Ringling College Residency at the Hermitage. We are thrilled to be able to provide the time and space to create for these deserving artists.”

    The program is expected to begin in spring of 2009. Philip Heylen, Antwerp’s
    vice mayor for culture and tourism, is a yearly visitor to Sarasota and helped to create the teaching exchange between the two colleges. Coincidently, Ringling College President Dr. Larry R. Thompson and Hermitage Executive Director Bruce E. Rodgers had already been in discussions about a residency in order to support the impressive roster of artists affiliated with the college. A memorandum of understanding was signed earlier this month. 

    “We expect the Ringing College Residency to expand on the already exciting
    programs that are offered at Ringling College of Art and Design,” continued Melody Weiler, vice president of Academic Affairs. “This residency will be far reaching in that it will provide opportunities for our faculty to grow, opportunities for our students to be introduced to a more global mindset and, of course, the added benefit to the community as a result of the Hermitage programming. For all of these reasons, the college looks forward to starting the Ringling College Residency at the Hermitage Artist Retreat.”

    For more information about The Hermitage, contact Bruce E. Rodgers, Executive
    Director at 941.475.2098 or visit the website at www.hermitage-fl.org.

    The Hermitage is a not-for-profit artist retreat located on Manasota Key.  It brings mid-career painters, sculptors, writers, playwrights, poets, composers and other artists from all over the world for extended stays on its 8.5 acre, beachfront campus.  Each artist is asked to contribute two services to the community during their stay.  So far, Hermitage artists have touched over 4,000 Sarasota County children and adults with their unique and inspiring programs. 

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