Ringling Grads Exhibit at Atlanta's Beep Beep Gallery

    Ringling Grads Exhibit at Atlanta's Beep Beep Gallery

    August 21, 2008 - Ringling grads Steven Dixey, Sat Kirpal Khalsa, Katie Ridley, Stenvik Mostrom, Jason Murphy, and Matt Relkin will exhibit their shared illustrative style in a gallery exhibit called The Ringilng Brothers at Atlanta's Beep Beep Gallery. 

    All having gone their separate ways after graduting from Ringling College of Art and Design, these friends found each again along the way when they all ended up in Atlanta, Georgia and now have combined efforts for this exhibit.  Dixey, Khalsa, and Relkin are all 1999 graduates of the Fine Arts program, while Ridley, Mostrom, and Murphy are Illustration grads.

    The Ringling Brothers is the latest in a lineup of group shows at the Beep Beep Gallery designed to showcase the variations of similarities and contrasts between artists.  “We have a different purpose here,” said Mark Basehore, part-owner of the Beep Beep Gallery. “The focus is on the art and not on just making money or just pleasing clients.”

    Together as friends and united by a common illustrative style and attention to detail, these six artists will exhibit an expansive sideshow of amazing new work.  The Ringling Brothers will appear in the Beep Beep Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia from August 9 through
    September 7. 

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