Ringling Interior Design Students Win Prestigious Donghia Award

    Ringling Interior Design Students Win Prestigious Donghia Award

    September 18, 2008 - Two Ringling interior design students, Ashley Bright and Elizabeth Langford, both juniors at the time of the award, have each been awarded a $30,000 scholarship in the seventh annual Angelo Donghia Foundation Student Portfolio Competition.

    Ringling College interior design students have participated in the Donghia Portfolio Competition and have won at least one award every year since the competition began in 2001.  This year Ringling students not only won one of these esteemed awards, but marked the second time that two Ringling students have won awards in the same year.

    Both Ashley and Elizabeth submitted projects for wellness care facilities for their commercial project as well as a residential project, using pieces that were designed for class assignments during the year.


    Ashley Bright, Junior, ID
    Ashley’s project for the commercial space was for a Wellness Center called Nature’s Cure that supports women and their families affected by cancer.  It offers a positive healing environment inspired by the nature and the outdoors where elements from a butterfly garden and a garden path will lend to a relaxing, rejuvenating experience for patients.  The design concept features soothing pastoral colors, designs simulating garden paths and botanical forms, and views to external gardens and natural light to create a comforting, peaceful environment where women and their loved ones can heal and grow.


    Ashley’s residential project space consists of a Napa Valley, California home for a middle aged couple to seek comfort in their retirement years.  High on the couple’s requirement list for the home, it was designed for entertaining in mind and has a space for their extensive wine collection.  This home features both contemporary and traditional elements with a modern twist, reminding the couple of their years in the vineyard and bringing with it a sense of familiarity and comfort.  The design of this space is inspired by a sunset over a vineyard, using greens, burnt oranges, purples, deep reds, and browns in the color palette and displaying as much natural light as possible.


    Ashley's commercial project.
    Ashley's residential project.

    Elizabeth Langford, Junior, ID
    Elizabeth’s project for commercial space for a Wellness Center is called A Woman’s Place and offers a healing environment to inspire strength and endurance in the women affected by cancer.  Elizabeth focuses on spring time as a guiding point for her design, centering on growth and renewal, healing and warmth.  She uses Art Nouveau décor to create an energetic feeling in the modern space by using curves and curved pieces to represent femininity.  The design also utilizes natural light by adding windows and garden views in almost every room of the Center. 

    Elizabeth’s residential space was designed for a couple in their late 50’s living in Los Angeles, California, with the goal of giving them an adaptable, glamorous, and comfortable living space.  Elizabeth starts with the design concept of the Golden Age of Hollywood, a time known for its utopian attitude and design elements of tufts, curves, and whimsical pieces, and incorporates contemporary versions of pattern, color and form.  She designed a comfortable home space with delineated spaces for entertaining, a must for the couple since they are active in the community and like to host gatherings and social events.  Golden accents, bold patterns, and warm neutral tones bring a comfortable elegance to the home.


    Elizabeth's commercial project.
    Elizabeth's residential project.


    Congratulations to Ashley and Elizabeth on a job well done!  And thank you to the Ringling ID Faculty and Community for your continued support.

    The Donghia Foundation, created under the will of the late Angelo Donghia, a prominent New York interior designer, provides support for the advancement of education in the interior design field.  This award is available to students entering their last year in a baccalaureate degree program in interior design at accredited universities, college or schools in the U.S. The prize money is applied to winners’ senior year tuition, board, books and other requisite student materials.


    The Donghia Foundation Scholarship is one of the most sought after awards in the interior design industry.  This year only 15 students nationwide received the award, which was based on a juried competition of portfolio submissions.