Best of Ringling Awards 2009

    Best of Ringling Awards 2009

    April 22, 2009 -  The Best of Ringling awards have been announced for 2009, honoring the finest examples of what our students produce both in their first year CORE studio classes (Best of Ringling - Part I) as well as in the majors of Computer Animation, Fine Arts, Graphic & Interactive Communication, Illustration, Interior Design and Photography & Digital Imaging (Best of Ringling - Part II).  Be sure to check out the Best of Ringling - Part II exhibition currently showing in the Selby and Crossley Galleries until May 8, 2009.

    Congratulations to this year's winners:

    Best of Ringling - Part II 

    Photography and Digital Imaging

    Juror's Award

    Michelle Fisher

    My Brother's My Hero

    Material's Award

    Melanie Ratcliff

    Technology Series #3

    PDI Faculty Award

    Hadar Pitchon


    Sarasota Herald Tribune Award

    Stefan Batista


    Sarasota Magazine Award

    Emily Nilsson

    Late Night Fishing

    Interior Design

    Juror's Award

    Crystal Miller

    QUAOS, clothing store

    Creative Concept Award

    Emily Eacho

    Macy's Kiosk

    Outstanding Senior Work

    Ashley Bright

    Enzyme Restaurant

    Outstanding Junior Work

    Samantha Macleod

    Body & Soul, Publishing Company

    Outstanding Sophomore Work

    Juliet Swick

    Oakland, CA - artist in residence

    Outstanding Sophomore Work

    Sonika Fourie

    Art Enrichment Company - artist in residence

    Outstanding Graphic Presentation Award

    Chiharu Nishikawa

    Fle'ches Boutique Hotel

    Innovative Technology Award

    Katie Kepes

    Take Flight Light Fixture Design

    Outstanding Green Design Award

    Morgan Thomas

    Terrain - Publishing Company

    Material's Award/Outstanding Use of Furniture and Finishes

    Amanda Knorr

    Twenty-Six, Publishing Company



    Juror's Award

    Nicholas Sirotich

    Sketchbook 1              
    Medium: Sketchbook

    Material's Award

    Francis Vallejo

    Popgun, pgs. 1, 3, 4
    Medium: ink, gouache

    Senior Award

    Jasmin Mora

    Medium: acrylic and leaves

    Junior Award

    Haylee Herrick

    Medium: graphite

    Sophomore Award

    Samuel Egenes

    Medium: acrylic

    Countess Maria Zichey Award

    Matthew Buck

    The Bra Stuffer           
    Medium:  acrylic

    Countess Maria Zichey Award

    Daniel Dias

    This Boy                  
    Medium: acrylic and oil

    Computer Animation

    Juror's Award

    Lindsey Olivares


    Material's Award

    Allen Zaborski

    Outstanding Computer Animation Junior

    Bo Sayre

    Outstanding Computer Animation Sophomore

    Avner Geller

    Outstanding Computer Animation Sophomore

    Justin Sklar

    Outstanding Game Art and Design Sophomore

    Jeremy Griffith

    Fine Arts

    Juror's Award 

    Kelly Cavanaugh


    Juror's Award

    Alexander Wallis, Ian Klein, Katie Foster

    Schools Out Forever

    Material's Award

    Ariel Hardwick


    Diane and Lou Schultz Award

    Jessica Bowie

    The Industry of Cool

    Diane and Lou Schultz Award

    Mikaela Williams

    This is How Projection

    Dickenson Award

    William Ball

    In and of Nothing

    Putterman Award for Sculpture

    Romy Maloon

    Horn Cluster

    Putterman Award for Painting

    Joshua Weinstein


    Putterman Award for Printmaking

    Joshua Fuller

    Certo Cito

    Crash Lindhardt Award

    Coleman Borycens

    3 Pointer

    Graphic and Interactive Communication

    Juror's Award

    Joanna Misiti

    Breast Cancer Awareness   Media: Ad Campaign

    Material's Award

    Lindsay Agnew

    Harvard Hill Packaging City  Media: Three-Dimensional Design

    Three-Dimensional Award

    Lindsay Agnew

    Harvard Hill Packaging City  Media: Three-Dimensional Design

    Typography Award

    Boris Polatev

    8 Texts Book               
    Media: Book Design

    Motion Award

    Joshua Power

    Media: Motion Graphics

    Web Award

    Melike Turgut

    Orbit Gum Web Site           Media: Web Design

    Systems Design Award

    Brad McNally

    Earthsuit Series             
    Media: Systems Design

    President's Awards:

    Chris Hendryx - Oxygen
    Liron Topaz - This Side Up

    Crystal Miller - QUAOS, clothing store

    Mei Tan - website
    Kyra Odi - Alexander Calder invitation

    Jace Wallace - Basic Feelings
    Daniel Dias - This Boy

    Taylor Prather - B # (B - sharp)

    Kelly Cavanaugh - Symphony


    Best of Ringling - Part I

    Presidents’ Awards:

    3-D (two awards)
    Michael Braunstein
    Break Down of Multiple Sclerosis


    Jon Upton
    Naturally Condescending
    Sheet metal

    Andrew Theophilopoulos
    Tan Lines
    Photoshop painting on tablet

    2-D Design
    Casey Ligon
    Capture and Release
    Adobe Photoshop

    Katherine Laczin
    Still Cityscape
    Charcoal on Bristol

    Elizabeth McMahill
    Monochromatic Self Portrait
    Acrylic on canvas board


    Juror’s Awards:

    Eric Prah
    Prey in Planes

    Brett Carville
    Charcoal on paper

    Solveig Suess
    Clue: The Red Version
    Printed paper

    Andrew Ekeren
    Window with a View
    Marker on paper

    Rachel Morgan
    Triadic Still Life
    Acrylic on canvas


    Selections by the area coordinators (faculty)

    Award for 3-Dimensional Design
    Christina Faulkner
    Green Parrot Prey

    Award for Figure Drawing
    Kierra McGaughey
    Reclining Nude
    Pastel on paper

    Award for 2-Dimensional Design
    Brian Harries
    Book Cover Concept
    Digital print

    Award for 2-Dimensional Design
    Sarah Paulhus
    Type and Image Sequence
    Digital print

    Award for Drawing
    ernando Rosales
    Watchman’s Ease
    Ink on paper

    Award for Color
    David Lederman
    Complimentary Still Life
    Color Pencil on Bristol board

    Materials Award
    Alexander Terry
    Naturally Unnatural