Ringling Alumnus' Recordable Storybook Helps Charity on "Extreme Makeover: Home Addition"

    Ringling Alumnus' Recordable Storybook Helps Charity on Extreme Makeover: Home Addition

    December 2, 2009 – Ringling alumnus Aaron DeWitt's (Illustration, 2005) first children's book, the new recordable storybook All the Ways I Love You, does more than just entertain children - it also helps them.

    On Nov. 29, 2009, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition aired an episode in which the show provided a new home to the Marshall family in Lyme, N.H. The Marshall’s 9-year-old son, Cameron, has leukemia and problems with their home present danger to his recovery. Setting their problems aside, the family banded with the community to raise money for Dartmouth Children’s Hospital and leukemia awareness. Cameron’s "Be Positive" campaign, named after his blood type, has raised about $40,000 so far.

    During the show, stars Ty Pennington and Paige Hemmis presented the All the Ways I Love You recordable storybook to the children in the cancer ward at Dartmouth Children’s Hospital. Each child’s book was recorded by a family member or friend. In addition, Hallmark donated $50,000 to Cameron’s "Be Positive" campaign. The dedication portion of the recordable storybook was used to announce the donation to the family. 

    To see the episode, visit http://abc.go.com/watch/extreme-makeover-home-edition/92244/242399/marshall-family

    DeWitt is the illustrator for this new recordable storybook, All the Ways I Love You.  He is currently employed at Hallmark.  The book can be found at most Hallmark Gold Crown Stores.