Ringling College Computer Animation Students Win Awards at SIGGRAPH Asia

    Ringling College Computer Animation Students Win Awards at SIGGRAPH Asia
    Dec. 16, 2010 - Six student animated films from the Ringling College Computer Animation program were awarded honors in Electronic Theater and Animation Theater at this year's SIGGRAPH Asia conference. 

    Electronic Theater is an overview of the best animations, visual effects, and scientific visualizations produced in the last year. The jury assembled this show to represent the must-see works in computer graphics for 2010. The Electronic Theater also includes a few pieces shown by special invitation. 

    Animation Theater is a more in-depth look at the world of animation, visual effects, and scientific visualization over the last year. In the Animation Theater, all-day shows present outstanding works from around the world selected by the Computer Animation Festival's jury.

    Ringling College Computer Animation students start brainstorming ideas for their senior thesis film while in their junior year and then work on the project their entire senior year. While working on the project, students create every aspect of the film, gaining experience in all areas of creation and production until the end product is achieved. 

    Congrats to these alumni* for their awards at SIGGRAPH Asia 2010:


    The Monk & The Monkey
    by Francesco Giroldini & Brendan Carroll
    '10 Computer Animation; Both employed at DreamWorks
    Click to watch


    A Cloudy Lesson
    by Yezi Xue
    '10 Computer Animation; Employed at Moonbot Studios
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    Dilla by Michael Klim, Stanley Moore, Dominic Pallotta, and Michael Sauls
    '10 Computer Animation; All employed at Moonbot Studios
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    Flip by Jill Hackett
    '10 Computer Animation; Employed at Blue Sky
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    G-Force Basketball by Bong Ho Kim
    '10 Computer Animation; Employed at Papaya Studios
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    The Renaissance Man by Jess Marley & Christopher Russo
    '10 Computer Animation; Employed at Laika
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    See more about the SIGGRAPH Asia , Electronic Theater and Animation Theater.

    *Were students when films were submitted but have since graduated.