Ringling Student Works Chosen for Embracing Differences Project

    Ringling Student Works Chosen for Embracing Differences Project
    March 19, 2010 - Two Ringling College Fine Arts students had their work chosen for the Embracing Differences project.  Only 39 total pieces were selected for the Embracing Differences project – a project designed to demonstrate the ways that diversity enriches lives.



    Artist: Blair Whiteford, '13, Fine Arts
    Artist quote: “When genocide occurs there is often anonymity in the vastness of statistical casualties. I wanted to show specific faces of genocide to express to the viewer that there is a human being behind every single number in the vast genocides that have taken place around the world. I urge the viewer to see the faces of the people who have died in such vast numbers. I don’t want them to lose their identity.”


    Artist: Alissa Herman, '13, Fine Arts
    Topic: Tolerance
    Artist quote: “Without tolerance the world would be in constant chaos. There would be conflict with everyone’s opinions and cooperation would be impossible. With tolerance, the world is able to work together peacefully for common goals. We can be altogether happier without the constant friction of differences in our beliefs. We can share our beliefs and gain more knowledge of one another objectively, thus creating a mutual understanding of the world and greater cultural awareness. Tolerance is the only way to achieve peace in the world.”

    These pieces were submitted for the project based on an assignment for Dee Hood’s Sequential Design class.  See more information about the project and view all of the selected pieces on the Embracing Differences website.