Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition Awards Ringling College the Most Awards in 3 Years!

    Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition Awards Ringling College the Most Awards in 3 Years!


    February 18, 2010 - The Society of Illustrators has once again chosen a number of illustrations submitted by Ringling College students for inclusion in the 2010 Student Scholarship exhibition in New York City.

    This year's 20 illustrations marks a total of 81 entries admitted to the exhibition in the last 3 years for Ringling College - 24 more than any other college!

    Entries were chosen out of pieces submitted by colleges throughout the country. Only 195 total pieces were awarded a spot in the exhibition - and 20 of those went to Ringling College students for their works submitted from 2009. 

    According to the Society, the Student Scholarship Competition is the most competitive and prestigious of juried shows. Since its inception in 1981, the Society has awarded more than $1.5 million to deserving students. Selected by a celebrated jury, this exhibit features the most mature, sophisticated and well crafted illustration of the year from art schools around the country.

    See how Ringling Stacks up to Other Colleges

    Congratulations to these winning Ringling College students and their instructors (listed alphabetically by last name):

    Note: You can view the pieces by clicking on the title in the winners list below, or see the entire Ringling College gallery here.

    by Keith Alvarado
    Instructor: Don Brandes 
    by Jordie Bellaire
    Instructor: Reagan Dunnick 
    Astro Boy
    by Alex Berki
    Instructor: Joe Thiel 
    by Trey Bryan
    Instructor: George Pratt 
    by Mirald Cake
    Instructor: George Pratt 
    Soul Searchers
    by Charles Chaisson
    Instructor: Mike Hodges  

    by Christina Ellis
    Instructor: Joe Thiel 
    Office Romance
    by Jessy Gould
    Instructor: Mike Hodges 
    Dragon Falls
    by Kyle Hall
    Instructor: Regan Dunnick 
    Closet Monsters
    by Michelle Housel
    Instructor: Joe Thiel

    by Charlotte Larrazabal
    Instructor: George Pratt 
    The Hitchicker
    by Lamar Mathurin
    Instructor: Patrick Fiore 
    Acrobatic Fog
    by Cassandra Piedra
    Instructor: Mike Hodges 
    Last Stand
    by Patrick Richardson
    Instructor: Joe Thiel 
    Sketchbook Page Spread
    by Nicholas Sirotich
    Instructor: George Pratt 
    Senior Class Photo
    by John Starr
    Instructor: Mike Hodges 
    White Johns, Red Johns
    by John Starr
    Instructor: Octavio Perez 
    Story Time
    by Leslie Strock
    Instructor: Don Brandes 
    Bubble Boy
    by Justin Volz
    Instructor: Caleb Prochnow 
    by Jace Wallace
    Instructor: Reagan Dunnick