International Student Travel

    International travel can be an exciting and rewarding activity to augment your Ringling College experience; it also carries with it a set of risks and responsibilities that varies greatly from country to country. For your safety during your voluntary travel abroad, the Ringling College Office of Student Life highly recommends that you observe the list below of pre-travel arrangements:

    Ringling College Website

    • Visit the Student Health Center for immunizations and prescriptions several months prior to your departure. Most Immunizations can be provided on campus with enough notice but are not routinely carried. Some require muliple shots over as much as a 6 month period so make sure to review the CDC guidelines so as to plan ahead.
    • Confirm health insurance coverage for international sites and make sure you know inadvance what you should do if you experience a medicial emergency abroad. If you have Ringing College Insurance, make sure to look at the read the section entitled Allianz Global Assistance/Emergency Travel Assistance Services. Additionally, verify coverage by calling our insurance agent at GM Southwest, Ms. Angie Black at 1-888-776-9920 or emailing If you have other questions regarding coverage or claims you can also email
    • Confirm travel itinerary and accommodations with sponsoring organization.
    • Complete Student Travel Waiver form with emergency contact information.
    • Attend pre-travel session, if available.
    • Make copies of all documentation and provide to sponoring office and Office of Student Life. Documents to be copied include: Passport, Travel Waiver, Health Insurance Information, Flight Itinerary, Accomodations.

    Center for Disease Control Website

    • Research your destination country/countries on the Center for Disease Control website. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) provides helpful tips for travelers on items to pack and on food and water issues. Visit the website below for general information: The CDC also provides health information specific to the country you will be visiting. To find the specific country you will be traveling to, please visit the website below: Also research your destination country/countries on the U.S. State Department website at:  
    • Check and verify visa requirements for each of your destination countries. In some countries, visa procurement can take several weeks prior to your trip, so plan ahead. For information on visa requirements, visit the host country’s Office of the Consulate General website. U.S. Citizens can refer to the U.S. Department of State’s general visa information service.
    • International Students: You must verify that your travel meets the conditions of your student visa by consulting with your International Student Advisor in the Office of International Student Affairs, Keating Center. For more information, email 
    • Verify your College Registration: for all students traveling during the academic year (August to April), make sure to verify your registration as a full-time student before your departure. For those travelling during summer, make sure to verify your full-time registration during the spring semester immediately preceding your travel. Your registration status may affect your eligibility for certain benefits and coverage. Do not assume you are registered. If you have questions, please contact the Office of Student Life.

    State Department Website

    • Before you travel, you must visit the State Department website to ensure your travel is safe.
    • Navigate the State Department website: and search for the country of your destination.
    • The United States Department of State encourages all citizen travelers to register with their local Embassy or Consulate upon arriving in a foreign country. US citizens can register online at: 

    Resources to Enhance Your Travels

    • “Travelers’ Health”, Centers for Disease Control ( Information on trip preparation and current international health advisories (outbreaks, precautions, vaccinations, etc.). United Stated Department of State ( passport advice, political or civil unrest.
    • The World Health Organization ( Overall health conditions—track and help eradicate deadly disease in developing countries.
    • The World Health Information Service ( Water purity, diarrhea treatment, altitude illness, travelling with medications, airline safety, motion sickness, and pre-travel checklists.
    • Lonely Planet ( Travel destinations around the world. Information concerning travel related medical issues.
    • United States Department of State. Recorded phone messages at (202) 647-5225. Automated fax-back service: (202) 647-2000.
    • Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT). Free travel tips and a sample report. Call (301) 983-5252, Fax: (301) 983-3663.
    • National Business Travel Association ( (703) 684-0836. How to act in strange surroundings, avoid threats, and stay safe. Tips can be obtained by faxing (703) 684-3487—request Document #2000.