Residence Life


    Ringling College campus housing provides a wide variety of housing options to accommodate the needs of all students from first-year to non-traditional. 

    We have 7 Residence Halls, multiple apartment Complexes, and 30+ Near Campus Houses that our students have the opportunity to live in during their time at Ringling.   

    Our housing features the following benefits and amenities:

    • Furnished Residence Hall room or Apartment 
    • A number of meal plan options 
    • On-call staff via Resident Assistants and Live-in Professionals
    • Close proximity to campus services, classrooms, and facilities
    • All utilities are included (Water, Electric, Heat/Cool, Wi-fi)
    • 24 hour Security Services

    The main goal of the Department of Residence Life is to create a living/learning environment that is safe and welcoming for all students.  We strive to immerse our student population in a community designed to foster education, personal development, and both academic and artistic achievements; a community that has free flowing ideas and is free from discrimination. 

    If you have any suggestions or questions, please call the Office of Residence Life at (941)-309-4411, or email us at

    Christopher Shaffer
    Associate Dean of Students