Residence Halls: Staff

    Residence Halls Staff

    Upperclass student Resident Assistants (RAs) live in residence and work together to create the most comfortable, supportive, and responsive living environment possible.  Please feel free to turn to them for any needs you might have after your arrival.

    Amalia Fredericksen, Head RA

    I’m an excited, slow-to-act, little girl, who has found the many things that make this life worth living. Sometimes I feel like a super hero to my friends and the cutest Nebraskan at Ringling, but instead I know I’m a little between the everyday human with her imperfections and the adventurer set out to plan my voyage. I’m a second year Graphic & Interactive Communication major with simple tastes. As a designer, I’m hardworking—staying with each project until it’s finished, obsessing over the details, and remaining positive. As a person, I love the beauty of natural things and am eager for new experiences, and this year will be the best one yet!  I’m not sure what it will hold, but I’ve got courage in my heart, knowledge in my head, and the greatest crew to set sail with. 


    Phillip Leslie, Head RA

    Hey! My name’s Phillip, but you can call me Phil. I’m currently an Illustration major. I was born in Massachusetts but moved to Tampa when I was 10 years old. Growing up in Florida has been an awesome time, and most of it was spent at Disney World.  It’s been my dream to come to Ringling since I was in 8th grade.  I’m so excited to finally be here, and am loving the experience.  There’s such a fun, creative atmosphere on campus, and Sarasota isn’t too shabby itself!  I also love music, especially jazz and classic rock n roll.  When I’m not drawing, I’m usually playing my guitar.  If you ever want to talk about how awesome Jimi Hendrix is, come see me. 


    Mike Bidinger, RA Near Campus Houses

    Oh, hey.  I'm Mike, a Computer Animation student from the frozen state of Minnesota.  I don't really have a favorite anything, but shorts are pretty nice.  They're comfy and easy to wear.  I think if this whole animation thing doesn't work out, I'll probably just go to the canadian wilderness and live out my days raising wolves or become an astronaut.  If there's one thing the campus atmosphere has taught me, it's to "thaw out" and have a good time with your work.  We're all here doing what we love- so enjoy the work, the friends, and the experience. 


    Krystal Boersen, RA Student Center

    I’m Krystal Boersen, first year Motion Design with a short attention span and a raucous laugh, so if you happen to hear cackling in the commons or around campus, it might just be me making myself look like a loony again. My favorite condiment is peanut butter. I can have peanut butter on anything!— pizza, waffles, fruit, ice-cream. When I’m not running around making movies, I’m usually pouring over a computer or reading Batman Comics. If I could offer advice to any student, I would tell them to be themselves. Unless you can be Batman— always be Batman.


    Courtney Brenek, RA Keating

    Heya!  I'm Courtney, a 3rd year Computer Animation major and a Pennsylvanian mountain girl hailing from a small town in the Poconos.  I'm super-stoked to be here at Ringling, studying alongside so many passionate and inspiring individuals. During my free time, I enjoy cooking Filipino food, watching silly cat videos and playing JRPGs rife with cliche plot twists.  I also have an addiction to coffee and tea, and I like collecting mugs for said coffee and tea.  Come to Keating Hall sometime hang out with me and my homie Mary the Ghost, yeah!?

    Madelyn Cordeiro, RA Goldstein Hall

    Hey, my name is Madelyn Cordeiro but I'm more commonly referred to as Madé. I'm an illustration major and RA for the second floor of Goldstein. In my spare time I like to sleep and watch my favorite movie Moulin Rouge. I also enjoy rabbits and a variety of dairy products. My dream is to one day be the favorite child and educate people on the dangers of cultural appropriation.

    Karen De Los Santos, RA Goldstein Hall

    Hola! My name is Andrea and I am a junior Computer Animation major from the small island of Puerto Rico, otherwise known as the land of piña coladas and Ricky Martin.  Although I was born and raised there, my parents are originally from Brazil and Italy, so growing up things would get really intense at the household whenever a soccer match was on.  People say I own too many cardigans, but I don't think that there's such a thing as too many cardigans.  I love listening to music, traveling, learning interesting facts and pretending to be able to play the ukulele.  I love Japanese food, and anything mint chocolate flavored.  I own a pretty awesome record collection and love old movies.  My favorite part about Ringling is being able to work among amazing, talented artists and sharing ideas with them-- it really gets you inspired! 


    Yaron Farkash, RA Bayou Village

    Hi!  My name is Yaron Farkash and I’m a sophomore Computer Animation student.  When I’m not working by butt off in the animation labs, I love drawing, playing nerdy tabletop games, hanging out with my friends, watching cartoons, and maybe even sleeping sometimes.  See you around campus.  I hope you all have a great year!


    Elizabeth Fox, RA Appleton Hall

    Hey there! My name is Elizabeth Fox and I’m from the far away land of Tampa, Florida. I’m a second year Interior Design major and I’m always swooning over color, patterns and good design. I’m a self-proclaimed workaholic, but I’m talking and laughing all the time. I’m a bit of a goofball and I love having fun and being around people. My first year at Ringling was the best and most challenging time I’ve gone through so far, and life has never looked more beautiful after being at such an amazing and inspiring art school.

    Seth Garnes, RA Cove

    Hey, I'm Seth. I'm a 2nd Year Motion Design major from Columbus, Ohio.  I'm also a part of ART Network and Designimators.  Hopefully when I graduate I'll work in a bigger city somewhere in America, maybe even internationally.  I like meeting new people, dressing well, playing sports, and playing Euchre (a card game that apparently no one else here knows how to play).  If you see me, don't be afraid to come up and say hey.  Also, I am black.


    Benjamin Girdwood, RA Bayou Village

    My name is Ben Girdwood, I was born in the streets of London during the industrial revolution.  I and am an Illustration major and I am proud to attend Ringling College because I know everything I learn here will help me get where I want in life.  I have given myself a tremendous opportunity by going here and I am very satisfied with where I am in my life right now.  I love Illustration.  God save the Queen.


    Sarah Kambara, Area Coordinator

    Hello! Sarah Kambara has a rhyming name and wears all of her hair in curls to one side. So if you see her walking around you'll easily recognize her and have fun getting her attention! Sarah is the first Business of Art + Design RA EVER! She loves creative minds and helping others. Aside from academics, she enjoys going on bike rides to unexplored places, people watching, and loving the world. 


    Andy Lang, RA Goldstein Hall

    Born in the alleyways of Rio, raised on plantains and fish bones- I came to America in 1974 on a soccer scholarship with the hopes of one day learning the art of photography.  I first started with a disposable camera, taking pictures of old people, and followed that dusty trail to Sarasota.  I have made my new home here, and became an RA to share my love of red hair with my peers.


    Philip Lofstedt, RA Cove

    Hey! I’m Philip Löfstedt and I’m a second year advertising student. I happily reside in the cove, I do however miss the cold winters back home in Sweden – I like snowboarding which is a difficult hobby to maintain Sarasota. What I love about Ringling is that it’s a small, high tech, extremely creative & nourishing environment —it's really helped me grow as a designer! Hope to see you around!


    Kyle Lopez, RA Student Center

    Heyo!  My name is Kyle and I’m a second year student hailing from both Wisconsin and Chicago.  After years and varieties of trials, I finally claimed my place in Ringling’s Computer Animation program.  I love cookies, voice-impressions, and value true blue, open-mindedness.  I think I might be kind of a spacey guy, but please say hey anytime!

    James Magsambol, RA Appleton Hall

    Hi!  My name is James and I’m an Illustration major and RA.  I’m from Jacksonville, Florida and I’ve wanted to be an illustrator ever since I’ve started drawing and I haven’t stopped yet!  Being at Ringling is really great because of the people that challenge you to go further than you’d be willing by yourself.  You constantly amaze yourself with the works you produce because of it.  The best part of it is that all of your work is fun!  You’re actually doing what you want to do and getting better at it at the same time.  So enjoy your time here, which isn’t hard to do at all, and I look forward to meeting you!


    Greg Mako, RA Near Campus Houses

    Greetings!  My name is Greg Mako and I'm a third year Graphic and Interactive Communication major with a minor in Business of Art and Design.  I have to say that one of the reasons that I decided to become an RA is because I am incredibly proud of my school and the opportunities it's offered me.  It has changed my life in more ways than I could ever imagine and I can't wait to see how my leadership abilities grow.  I'm originally from New Jersey but haven't had much chance to get back there between my commitments at school and working for Disney, but I do miss it and my family very much.  I'm really passionate about things like theatre, film, pop culture, and anything that involves current topics.  I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people in the world for taking advantage of everything that is available to me here at Ringling.


    Russell Mank, RA Palmer Quadrangle

    I’m Russell, a 2nd year Graphic and Interactive Communications major.  I’m from Lakeland, Florida and I love bonfires, beaches, boating, and country music.  My first experience with Ringling was on a field trip in my freshman year of high school.  From there, I attended PreCollege and the rest is history!  We do a lot of work here at Ringling but there is always room for fun too.  I like to spend my free time in the gym, on the beach, or playing Super Smash in the common rooms (it gets very competitive).  Living on campus is a great experience!


    Megan McShane, RA Student Center

    Hello! My name is Megan, I'm a third year Computer Animation student from New York. What I love most about Ringling is the amazing people I have met who constantly inspire me to become a better artist and person. Every day here feels like a new adventure, whether you're constructing pillow fortresses, searching for lost treasure, or even sitting hunched over in front of a computer monitor in a cold, dark room all day (mostly that last one). But in all seriousness, I love living here; Ringling's campus is endless fun, and I can't imagine ever wanting to be anywhere else. 

    Charlie Parisi, RA Goldstein Hall

    Hey!  My name’s Parisi, and I come from the Sea….zee…  I’m a CA student and it keeps me beesy.  My main man’s Bob, with the sponge and the square,  I spend my days drawing lines from the kush of my chair.  I’m an RA for Keating where we’re fans of the shark,  where our socks are ironed looking fresh like Stark.  When you see me around, pop that hand, wave, say Hi- you’ll get a toothy smile, not a bite, from this guy.


    Patricia Pete, RA Goldstein Hall

    Hi, I'm Patricia Pete and I am a sophomore Digital Film major and I was born and raised right here in Sarasota, FL!  As a native, I am familiar with the unique language and mannerisms of Sarasotians, but also conversationally fluent in the language of the Ringling artist.  Need a translator?  A tour guide?  A good will peace ambassador as you learn more about this strange land of Sarasota?  No worries, when I'm not out conquering the world, I'm quite easy to get a hold of via messenger bird and have a quick response time of 3-5 days, depending on how soon the bird reaches me.  But in all seriousness, Ringling is a wonderful place where I get to learn and do more of what I love. 


    Alekhya Polina, RA Harmon Hall

    Hi! My name is Alekhya or you can call me Lakes, either one.  I am a second year Motion Design student.  I was born in India but I have in lived in Columbus, Ohio for most of my life.  I love to talk and find it quite difficult to stop, so come find me anytime if want to chat.  I love meeting new people, Facetiming my puppy, and going on morning jogs.  I love winter and miss the snow and chilly northern air.  My experience at Ringling has been amazing so far and I hope to make yours amazing too!


    Jonathan Randazzo, RA Bayou Village


    I'm Jon and I'm from Pennsylvania.  I came to Sarasota to try and learn how to pay bills by making pictures.  I like strawberries, peaches, and walks on the beach.  I'm also a fan of napping, eating, arguing, sci-fi, theoretical and/or quantum physics, crude drawings done in crayon, H.P. Lovecraft, sad movies, portraiture, magic, giant monsters, mediocre photography, giant robots, dogs, being reminded we're all insignificant by the vast reaches of space and sand castles.  I'm not a fan of double-parked cars, spoiled food, spilled milk (makes me cry), stuffed animals, killing bugs, and being beaten up by girls.  If you like the things I like, that's cool.  We can talk about that.

    Chris Resilard, RA Bayou Villages

    Fear not, fellow residents, for I- The Great Resilard shall save you from the oppression that is homework.  I am a second year student studying Illustration.  Join me in my fortress of Goldstein, as we regale about our past victories and prepare for the war on time- stealing back those precious hours of sleep that are rightfully “hours”. 


    Brittany Shively, RA Idelson Hall

    Hey, I’m Brittany! I’m a Game Art and Design major, and absolutely love it here at Ringling.  I was born in Indiana, but moved to Florida when I was about 2 years old and have lived here ever since.  I've had an amazing time studying and meeting the people here, and I couldn't imagine going to college anywhere else. My friends usually describe me as a contradiction because I was a cheerleader who competed in body building competitions and loves video games! So if you ever want to talk, work out, or have an epic video gaming battle (in which you will get owned) feel free to come hang out!

    Monique Steele, RA Palmer Quadrangle

    Hi!  I’m Monique or Momo or Mo, whatever suits your fancy really. I’m a senior illustrator here at Ringling and loving every minute of it. I’m originally from Jamaica, but at the moment Miami is my second home.  If you’re ever wanting to test out your Jamaican accent or watch “Cool Runnings” five times in a row, call me ‘cause I can do that.  No seriously, I would definitely watch that movie five times in a row, don’t test it, I would. When I’m not correcting people’s Jamaican accents or dancing around my room, I’m more than likely watching really awful television and really bad movies, they’re great for a laugh.  Also I enjoy references to the 90s, and if you ever happen to have a spare ticket to a Beyonce concert that you just happen to no longer have use for, I’d be willing to hold on to that for you.


    Marysol Stepanof, RA Bayou Village

    My name is Marysol Stepanof.  I am a Motion Design major here at Ringling College of Art and Design.  I am from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.  The reason I chose Ringling was chiefly because of the student work that I saw on their site.  I saw the quality of the projects they were working on and said to myself that’s where I one day want to be.  After I visited the campus and met the different professors, faculty and staff, it finally hit me, there is a vast amount of opportunities here at Ringling and that I had made the right choice.  Ringling has been a gateway to foment my skills and knowledge as well as provide opportunities to meet people and companies I would never dream of meeting.  Ringling is just what a college should be but at the same time so much more.  A person can’t ask anything more from life apart from doing what you love and I’m doing exactly that. 


    Sofia Wang, RA Goldstein Hall

    Hi, I'm Sofia Keqian Wang, majoring Computer Animation.  I'm originally from Wenzhou, a southern coastal city in China.  I moved a lot.  I used to live in Beijing for 4 years and Canada for 1 year.  I now reside in Florida!  I am a big fan of Totoro.  I dream of owning a glasshouse where I can plant tropical flowers and keep a Totoro!  Hope to see you around!


    Kevin Whitmeyer, RA Student Center

    What’s up, guys! I’m Kevin, a Game Art and Design major here at Ringling!  I’m from Washington D.C. and am loving the weather down here in Florida.  I love working out at the gym, running, and all kinds of fitness.  I’m also a total dork when it comes to comic books and video games, so if any of you are down to lift or challenge me to a shootout in Call of Duty, bring you’re “A” game! 


    Michelle Yi, RA Goldstein Hall

    Greetings!  My name is Michelle.  I am currently a second year Computer Animation major.  I am from the state of Texas, near the Dallas area.  I enjoy eating delicious foods.  A few examples of these delicious foods include Korean food, steak, pasta, tonkatsu, tiramisu, chocolate strawberries and sushi.  I also enjoy watching various TV shows and cartoons.  My current favorite shows are Adventure Time and Game Of Thrones.  I find horror movies involving supernatural elements and mystery an entertaining genre.  I hope to have many adventures this year and make numerous fond memories!