At Ringling College we strive to teach our students not only the fundamental artistic skills they will need to become practicing professional artists–we educate them to develop into responsible global artists. The Ringling College of Art and Design generates an average of 14,000 hours of service every year.

    The Student Life Office and Student Volunteerism and Service-Learning staff provide community service opportunities for the growth and development of the entire Ringling College community. A great deal of your learning beyond the classroom can take place through volunteerism. Becoming a student volunteer will help you gain professional skills and experience, you will become more socially responsible, gain a sense of belonging, meet other volunteers with similar values and interests, learn leadership skills, embrace diversity, and gain perspective by seeing others with different or more severe challenges than your own. Your worldview will be expanded as you gain insight into the Sarasota community and beyond.

    As a Ringling College volunteer, you can share your strengths – artistic or otherwise – and have meaningful community experiences.