New Student Orientation Service Project: Salvation Army


    Help at mealtime at the Salvation Army Center of Hope. Serve food or help with preparations in the kitchen at this local shelter.

    Reflections from Salvation Army Participants

    Something I learned today is…

    • Everyone should work together as a team.
    • The more the better, but one can make a huge difference
    • There are a lot of people who need the Salvation Army just to eat.
    • Working together makes things much easier.
    • The Salvation Army is a very important support system in the community.
    • How to work in a kitchen
    • How the Salvation operates and how there are a lot of tasks to do
    • How to prepare food on a large scale.  And how much work it is.
    • Teamwork is a good way to get things done quickly
    • How much a group of people can do to help
    • To care about society and be generous to those who most deserve it.
    • How good it makes me feel helping others and making a difference in someone’s life.

    I was surprised about…

    • How fast it went
    • What the Salvation Army does
    • How many people come here for lunch.
    • How much I enjoyed helping clean and prepare the food.
    • How fast the work went
    • How much food there was
    • So many people going to the Salvation Army to eat
    • The quality of food served
    • How many people need our help
    • How much is generously given to this cause
    • How many people in need there are
    • I didn’t know that Ringling took an active role in the community but was pleased to find out that they do
    • The amount of food supplied here
    • How efficient the kitchen ran
    • What the Salvation Army was like
    • The dedication to our fellow Americans

    This experience was meaningful to me because…

    • I knew I was helping out the local community.
    • I got to help people out and meet new people at the same time.
    • I made a difference in about a couple of hours.
    • It makes me appreciate what I have in my life, but to also sympathize with those less fortunate.
    • I got to meet cool people and I had fun.
    • I didn’t do this for myself, I did it for others.
    • I knew I was helping those less fortunate than myself.
    • It made me realize that I could make a difference
    • I feel like I really got to help out!
    • I know more about Salvation Army.
    • It gave me a chance to help people in the community and at their workplace.
    • It showed me that you can help your community and have fun at the same time.
    • I see how much work it takes to run the facility.
    • I enjoy helping other people.
    • I was able to help out those who were less fortunate.
    • It taught me about volunteering
    • The extra work was appreciated by the staff