Dear Alumni,

I invite you to join The Ringling College of Art and Design Alumni Admissions Network. I especially encourage those of you who have graduated in the past 10 years to volunteer.  Having attended Ringling College more recently, you will be better able to talk with applicants about the experiences they will have at Ringling today.

We're asking for your help because you are Ringling College's best ambassadors. You can speak to potential students about the excellence of the education that you received and the professional value of a Ringling diploma.  You understand that attending Ringling is life-changing, not just professionally, but personally, through your experiences outside the classroom and through the lifelong friendships you made.  These are messages applicants for admission should hear.

By sharing your honest and positive views with applicants, you will be encouraging the best, most talented students to enroll.  In doing so you will help young men and women make a great decision about their college education. You'll also help continue the growth of Ringling's reputation and increase the value of your degree.

If you would like to join The Alumni Admissions Network please click on the link below and fill out the volunteer form and email it back to us.

Thank you for joining The Alumni Admissions Network.  There are many ways you can give back to Ringling.  This may be the most important one.

Best regards,

Terri Arnell
Assistant Vice President for Alumni Relations & Advancement

Alumni Admissions Network Volunteer Form