Extraordinary Foresight, Ingenuity and Support

            In supporting Ringling College of Art and Design, Ann and Alfred Goldstein have coupled extraordinary generosity with noteworthy foresight. Their donations have been catalysts for innovation and progress. Their commitment to providing students with an exceptional education and to ensuring the future growth and quality of the College’s academic programs is unparalleled.

           Ann and Alfred Goldstein began their support of Ringling College more than 20 years ago. Their first major donation was a six-figure gift for the construction of the classroom complex known as the Goldstein Studio Village.

            They followed that contribution in 2004 with an historic investment in Ringling College’s future—a seven-figure donation that was the largest cash gift in the College’s history at the time. Its purpose was to strengthen and expand the majors being offered, as well as to create new, innovative academic programs. The Goldstein’s generosity provided research and development funding that allowed Ringling to add several new majors, particularly the pioneering Business of Art and Design program (BOAD).

            Unique to art and design colleges, Ringling’s BOAD program is now in its third year. It provides students with an outstanding business education combined with an understanding of the creative process, mixing classroom and studio experiences. Business executives and leaders in creative industries share their work experiences and current projects, as well as give advice and information, and work hands-on with students. In 2012, the first class of BOAD students will graduate—with gratitude to Al and Ann Goldstein for their inspired support.

            Always looking toward the future, the Goldsteins made a second, seven-figure donation in May 2010. This remarkable contribution included scholarships for BOAD students and created the Ann and Alfred Goldstein Emerging Scholarship Endowment, which will support students enrolling in other emerging academic programs. These scholarships will ensure that the best, brightest and most deserving men and women will have the opportunity to enroll in these programs no matter their financial situation.

            In addition, the Goldsteins have once again shown incredible foresight by designating a portion of their donation toward the creation of a Ringling College graduate program. With a goal of enrolling the first graduate class in 2014, this program will add substantially to Ringling College’s preeminence.

            While it would not be possible to thank Al and Ann adequately for all they have done to support Ringling through their philanthropy and through Al’s leadership as a trustee, the College has recognized their generosity over many years by naming three buildings in their honor. The first was the Goldstein Studio Village. It was joined in 2005 by the Ann and Alfred Goldstein Center. The Goldstein Center is home to Institutional Technology and to the Digital Filmmaking department, one of the emerging programs launched with the Goldsteins’ investment. Last fall, the newest residence building on campus was dedicated Ann and Alfred Goldstein Hall. In a fitting tribute to Dr. Goldstein, Ringling College president, Dr. Larry R. Thompson, bestowed upon him an honorary degree from the College on the occasion of the Goldstein Hall dedication.

            As Ringling College continues to reach toward the future, it will be forever changed for the better by the prescience, ingenuity and steadfast support of Alfred and Ann Goldstein.