Mimi Edlin:

The Art of Giving

Miriam S. “Mimi” Edlin likes to express her vibrant and generous spirit through art—both in her paintings and in her other specialty, the art of giving. As a longtime supporter and admirer of Ringling College of Art and Design, Mimi used her abundant imagination to create an exceptional, transformative gift that satisfied her philanthropic objective to help Ringling and provided her with a substantial financial benefit. A true win-win!

The gift took the form of a condominium Mimi owned on U.S. 41, just south of Ringling’s campus. Since she no longer needed the property for her own use, Mimi met with Ringling’s officers and development leaders to see if the institution could make good use of it. After listening to their counsel, her life-partner’s advice, and her own inimitable smarts, she made a decision that would be advantageous to her and to the College. Mimi gifted her property to Ringling College, realizing it would benefit and support students, faculty, and academic programs, promote artistic growth, and reward the institution as a whole.

By divesting herself of the real estate and donating it to Ringling, Mimi reaped significant tax benefits and will enjoy lifetime income from the charitable annuity the College established with the donation.

"Mimi has made an extraordinary contribution to Ringling College’s Pathway to Preeminence campaign, and we will forever be grateful for her generosity. We also appreciate her willingness to share the details of this gift in the hope that this will inspire others to come forward and consider similar win-win strategies," says Ringling College President Dr. Larry R. Thompson.

“My gift benefits the school, its students and its future, which is very meaningful to me,” says Mimi. “Here’s to the art of giving!”

Photograph by Cody Maple