ROB STUFFINGS: Passing the Baton

Rob Stuffings loves a challenge—especially when he is passionate about the goal toward which he is striving. Whether he is helping his clients embrace an expanded vision for a project, or designing buildings around the world in such disparate places as Slovakia, Mexico, and Japan, or working to improve healthcare for the impoverished children of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where he spends half the year, Rob brings commitment and perseverance to everything he does.

 In San Miguel de Allende, the result of his work with the organization, Patronato Pro Niños, is a recently completed hospital from which no child is turned away, no matter his or her family’s financial means. Rob brings to his role as a Ringling College of Art and Design trustee and chair of the Pathway to Preeminence Campaign’s Scholarship Committee that same commitment, perseverance, and belief that financial circumstances should not be a barrier to opportunity.

 Rob first learned about Ringling College more than 10 years ago when a Ringling Interior Design student interned at his architecture and interior design company. His admiration for the College grew as he came to know more about it. “Ringling students are lucky to be in an environment that embraces freedom of expression,” he says. “I like that the curriculum is preparing students for the job market.”

 After becoming a trustee, he learned more about some students’ struggle to pay tuition and became increasingly concerned about their potential being wasted. Raising money for scholarships for Ringling College students has become Rob’s newest challenge.

 Not one to mince words, he says his job is to “garner as much support as possible to help the College and the students.” He started by contributing $100,000 to create the Robert Stuffings Endowed Scholarship.

 “I like helping young people—passing them the baton and giving them the opportunity to carry on,” he says. He is committed to ensuring Ringling College students have the financial means to complete their education and are able to take advantage of the opportunities that come their way.

 Rob’s advice to students? “Never turn down an opportunity. Never close a door. You will grow and learn through every job and challenge you accept.”

Photograph by Gary W. Sweetman