Design Center

    Ringling College Design Center

    The Design Center manages the development and design of a variety of print and web-based marketing, recruiting, fundraising, and marketing materials, from conceptualization to delivery. The design staff has extensive experience in graphic design and strives to achieve a consistent visual identity for Ringling College. Our team works directly with on-campus and external clients to identify project objectives and provide creative design solutions to fulfill those objectives.

    Internal Customers
    The Design Center works with individual offices and departments to help you develop creative materials that align both with your department/event strategy and with the College’s mission and brand identity. Such materials might include posters, brochures, post cards, t-shirts, and much more. For more information, please visit the web site for internal customers.

    External Customers
    The Ringling College Design Center Internship class provides students with the opportunity to work on "real world" projects. The course is designed to enhance the Graphic Design department's curriculum—building upon its theoretical aspects—by bringing to the students a practical understanding and knowledge of print, interactive, multimedia design, technology and professionalism. The Design Center experience allows the student the opportunity to work on all phases of a project from initial meeting with the client to final presentation and implementation. We can help you determine if your organization's project qualifies for free design services.

    Student Workers
    Ringling students work in the Design Center as part of a select internship for course credit. These student workers are hands-on and work either individually or as part of a team to complete projects from start to finish.

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    Below are some recent projects completed in the Design Center. 

    2014 Southeastern Guide Dogs Capital Campaign
    Design: Kim Daley ’14 and Gabriella Thompson ’14

    2014 Turning Points Awareness Campaign
    Concept and Design: Nathalie Kowalczyk ’14 and Tandeka Lauriciano ’15
    Photography: Mariana Greif ’14
    Copy: Tandeka Lauriciano ’15

    Modern Pentathlon | 2014 World Cup Final
    Design: Greg Mako ’14 and Mariana Silva ’14

    Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative
    Logo by Ani Simpson ’13 and Stephanie Choza ’13
    Stationary by Ani Simpson ’13
    Brochure by Javier Aparicio Lorente ’14 
    Art direction and animation by Marisabel Fernandez ’14 and Javier Aparicio Lorente ’14
    Illustrations by Natalie Andrewson ’13