External Customers

    External Customers
    The Ringling College Design Center Internship class provides students with the opportunity to work on "real world" projects. The course is designed to enhance the Graphic Design department's curriculum - building upon its theoretical aspects - by bringing to the students a practical understanding and knowledge of print, interactive, multimedia design, technology and professionalism. The Design Center experience allows the student the opportunity to work on all phases of a project from initial meeting with the client to final presentation and implementation. 

    To see if your organization's project qualifies for free design services, the following will be considered:

    1. The project must meet curriculum needs as established by the Design Center, which are in keeping with current trends in design and design education.
    2. The organization for whom the project is produced must be for the "good of the community at large."
    3. The client must allow the student to have creative freedom.
    4. The client must be willing to participate in the Design Brief process with the student designer.
    5. The client must have sufficient budget to print, or produce the project.
    6. The client must be fully committed to produce the project -- it should not be a "spec" project.
    7. Design projects that are done as "gratis" (no design fee), must be for registered not-for-profit (501-C3) organizations.
    8. All expenses expended on behalf of the client (printouts, research materials, comping materials, etc.) will be billed to the client.
    9. Full design credit should be given to the student designer, and to Ringling College of Art and Design, on all printed or electronic materials.
    10. Because significant (Ringling College staff and faculty) resources are expended on each project, there should be public release (P.R.) that gives design credit to Ringling College, as appropriate.
    11. The project must be able to be designed and produced within one school year semester, so the student can get a grade by the end of the semester.
    12. Each client is asked to give feedback on the student designer's professionalism, so a grade can be established in cooperation with Design Center faculty.

    If your organization qualifies, please contact the Design Center at: